A Concise Guide to Choosing The Best Seat When Attending Class Gatherings

Meeting your friends for dinner or brunch is one of the best moments in our adulthood.

Who doesn’t love a good-natured banter, tantalizing food and reminiscing about the good old times?

However, meeting these friends, especially those whom you’ve never seen for years, can be pretty stressful.


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Ever got stuck in the lousy seat—at one corner of the table and you’re at your wits end trying to be part of the main conversation.

And you sincerely dislike the guy beside you because he has been bragging about himself all night.

Well, thanks to Alex Cornell, Facebook product designer, he shared his tips and tricks on how to choose the best seat when dining out with a group of people on his website.

And it’s applicable to hawker centres, restaurants, cafes, anything, actually!

He came up with this easy-to-read infographic, titled, Choosing The Right Seat (How not to get stuck next to someone that sucks).

Image: alexcornell.com

Looking at it, it looks like he had a lot of experiences to be able to come up with such an exhaustive chart.

Not sure if that’s a good thing.

So let me break it down for you.

4-seater situation

Image: alexcornell.com

This is a no-brainer, especially when it is a circle shaped table.

You’re in a good position, regardless of where you sit.

Image: alexcornell.com

The square table is straightforward as well. You’re able to talk to the person beside you, opposite of you and diagonal of you.

Though you might be caught in a crossfire if there are two conversations happening diagonally.

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6-seater situation

Image: alexcornell.com

This is a more challenging level…let’s say this is level 4.

Your best bet is seated in between two people. In that way, you’re at the central position and you can always move from one conversation to another.

8-seater situation

Ready for level 6?

Try to be seated at the inner 4 seats. But don’t be so pushy about it, and make your move as stealthy as possible.

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You wouldn’t want to end up in the corner seat as the only conversation you will be having is with the person opposite of you.

And if you do, hopefully, it is not someone you secretly hate.


7- seater situation

This is level 8.

7 is an odd number, so there won’t be an equal side. One of the sides has to have 3 people.

So choose your side wisely, and make sure you’re on the side of the lesser people.

There will be a lonely guy with no one seated opposite him, and if you’re the unlucky one beside him, you will be forced to have a conversation with him.


Two table situation

Image: alexcornell.com

This is level 10!

There are no seats involved, it is one long communal bench table

Imagine you’re meeting your BMT mates, or you’re at your poly reunion.

This is when 2 tables come to play.

Honestly, it’s the survival of the fittest (just like in army or school)


If you’re too slow, you will slowly start to see one table being filled up and you will soon realize all the cool kids have come together and you have no choice but to be seated at the consolation table.

So the next time you’re having dinner with your friends, you are well prepared!

Image: metro.co.uk

Just make sure not to chiong too obviously lah. These guys are still your friends too.

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