Authorities Urged Condo Management to Ensure Each Household Only Receive 5 Visitors Per Day During CNY


Last Updated on 2022-01-27 , 7:28 pm

With the Chinese New Year season coming up, authorities have urged condominium security to step up their security and surveillance measures in order to ensure that COVID-19 safe management measures are abided by.

Wait, what about those of us living in HDBs?

Er, the government never say lah. But read between the lines, yea?

Besides the regular measures such as each household only having five distinct visitors a day and social gatherings being limited to five people maximum, the Building and Construction Authority released a letter of advisory to enforce certain rules specific to those living in condominiums.

Particulars of All Visitors Should Be Recorded

Instead of one person poking their head out and giving the security guard your name and handphone number as you drive in, this year’s CNY visiting will look a little different.

If you’re visiting your relatives and friends staying in condominiums this year, you’ll need to ensure that everyone’s particulars are recorded by the condominium’s Management Corporations (MCSTs).

Posters and Notices to Remind Residents of SMM

“MCSTs are also advised to display posters and notices at prominent places to remind residents to comply with SMMs,” the advisory mentioned.

Well, with those posters around, there’s really no reason to forget or not know about the SMMs in place.

Lion Dance Not Allowed

Although Lion Dance may be a highlight of many family’s Chinese New Year, condominiums will not allow Lion Dance in units or common areas if the ceremony includes caiqing.

Caiqing, a portion of Lion Dance where the performers pluck the green lettuce for the lion to “eat” it before “spitting” it out to the audience, is said to spread blessings and good fortune.

So if you’re intending to hire a lion dance crew, do make sure in advance that they won’t be performing caiqing!

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Despite the fact that these measures may seem like a downer during the festive season, it is ultimately necessary for us to ensure everyone’s health and safety, especially since COVID-19 cases have been on the rise lately. Here’s to good health and prosperity for everyone in the year ahead!

(Of course, the advisory letter doesn’t mean that you don’t need to follow SMM if you live in an HDB flat ok.)

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