Cost of Keeping Pets in S’pore Has Raised by Up to 80% Due to the Russia-Ukraine War


Everyone is on the same boat when it comes to toughing it out for inflation.

But for fellow fur parents, their wallets can’t help but get tighter—

Expenses required to care for their pets have gone up by a whopping 80% since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Price Increase for Pet Food

According to ZaoBao, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has amplified the disruption of the global supply chain.

Aside from wheat and grains, the disruption also impacts pet supplies.

This results in an increase in prices for goods such as dog and cat food and pet shampoo.

A housewife who owns a senior 17-year-old Chihuahua said that her monthly expenses for her dog increased from S$200 to $350 since last year.

“The price of dog food has risen the most. The price of one kilogram of dog food went from S$49 last year to about S$60,” said the housewife.

To mitigate the increased expenses, the housewife has resorted to reducing the number of times she chooses to dine out and save as much as she can.

Global Increase in Pet Food Prices

Since last year, the price of pet food has increased by 5 percent.

Pet supplies chain, Pet Lovers Centre, added that the price increase is due to the increased prices of raw materials required to produce pet food.

The prices are expected to continue to rise due to the constant fluctuations in global supply chains for these raw materials.

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In an effort to help fellow pet owners, Pet Lovers Centre has a ‘Low Price Pet Essentials program’ that maintains the prices of certain pet goods.

These goods are essential necessities required by pet owners to be sold at popular prices.

Pet Grooming Cost Not Spared Either

Aside from food, the fees required for medical and grooming services of pets have also increased.

According to online pet service company, ZumVet, pet medical care for the average owner has increased from 5 percent to 10 percent.


The increase is due to the material prices of certain pet medications becoming increasingly expensive, explained Li Ruyan, the co-founder and CEO of ZumVet.

Pet Lovers Centre also shared that their services for pet grooming has increased by about 14% to 42% since the end of April this year due to the increased prices of pet shower gel and electricity.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Pet Lovers Centre)