Couple Charged HPs in Mall Charging Lockers & HPs Were Stolen After 2 Hours

Finders keepers.

A term which never sat well with me. Come on lah, what kind of logic is this.

If someone dropped something accidentally and you happen to pick it up; that doesn’t make you the rightful owner.


Well, I do agree that you have to pay attention to your own belongings. Hey, no pity from me if you choose to leave your phone on a table to chope the seat or something.

However, there are cases where you can’t really blame someone for losing their belongings (rare, but those do exist).

Stomper Lance and his wife left their phones at a mobile charging station in VivoCity, only to find their phones missing when they went back to the charging station two hours later.

The incident occurred at around 2 pm when Lance was with his wife.

“We scanned our fingerprints, placed our phones inside the charging cradles, and locked them up before leaving for lunch,” said Lance.

So, they did remember to lock the container after placing their phones inside. What could’ve have gone wrong then?


(I’m not sorry for using this emoji)

However, according to Lance, the kiosk wasn’t working properly and there was a woman standing behind him the whole time.

Now, hang on a minute. The kiosk wasn’t working properly and he still thought that it was a good idea to leave their phones inside? Oh, come on man.


As seen from the CCTV footage, said woman took both their phones almost immediately once the charging cradles became unlocked due to reasons unknown.

According to Lance, one of the stolen phones was a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the other was an Oppo handset.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was just bought 3 days ago (ouch!).

Lance subsequently called the police after he was unable to get help from VivoCity’s management.

Here’s a Facebook post by Yishun North NPC, appealing for information regarding the incident.

<<<Appeal for Information – Theft>>>Police are looking for a female subject shown in the photograph below to assist…

Posted by Yishun North NPC on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Geez, I wonder if that’s a baby inside the stroller. She isn’t exactly the best role model for the kid, that’s for sure!

Anyway, as much as it was a technical difficulty which resulted in the loss of the phones, I still believe that he shouldn’t have used the charging station if something was obviously wrong with it.

I guess everyone involved is at fault in this case. But hey, stealing is a criminal offence. So if you have any information regarding the woman, please contact Yishun North NPC. Let’s make sure she knows that crime doesn’t pay.

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