Compared to Pre-COVID-19 Days, Number of People Crossing SG-JB Border on First is Much Lower

Cheers of Malaysia boleh! erupted from fellow Malaysians and Singaporeans when the causeway border finally opened after two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Just pure, wholesome energies from the people who were crossing into and out of Malaysia especially for those who made haste to reunite with their families.

However, the opening of borders have yet to hit the number of crossings recorded pre-COVID as only 33,700 travellers were recorded to have crossed the borders when it finally opened on 1 April.

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More Crossings Into Malaysia Than Singapore 

Around 27,600 departures to Malaysia have been recorded in comparison to the 6,100 arrivals to Singapore.

The opening of borders also meant that travellers were able to cross so long as they were fully vaccinated without the need to undergo quarantine or COVID-19 tests.

The numbers were understandable given that the border opening occurred just in time for Ramadan and Hari Raya, which warranted the need for Malaysians or Singaporeans to cross over and reunite with their loved ones just in time for the festivities.

Crossings Have Been Smooth At Causeway Border 

Since the opening of the Causeway border, frequency for shuttle buses have also increased to accommodate for the increased travellers during peak hours.

The initial frequencies planned for shuttle bus services operating between Woodlands and Johor Bahru’s Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine (CIQ) were one shuttle bus every 15 minutes, or four shuttle buses every hour.

It has since increased up to 12 trips per hour during peak hours when queues had began to form for the buses.

For car drivers and motorcyclists, the Tuas Checkpoint has a total of 80 automated motorcycle lanes and 64 car counters to accommodate the travel flow at the Causeway Border.

Numbers Still Pale Compared to Pre-Pandemic Records 

Still, even as the border opening is significantly less demanding compared to the initial requirements outlined for the prior VTL arrangement, the number of people crossing borders still remains low.

Before COVID-19 had hit, the daily number of travellers that crossed the Causeway averaged at a staggering 415,000.

(Remember the endless traffic jams that you’d had to endure and how the jams got even more worse when you decide to leave only in the evening?)

However, it was still advised that non-essential travel should only be reserved for non-peak periods for travellers coming from Singapore and Malaysia (think weekday mornings and afternoons).

And always remember to double-check that you have the right documents for entry prior your trip in order to avoid disappointment.

In addition, remember to register for VEP; watch this to the end to understand more:

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