Cyclists Appeared to Purposely Tailgate Container Truck on West Coast Highway

As drivers, we sometimes see funny occurrences happening on the road.

But this takes the cake.

Cyclists Appeared to Purposely Tailgate Container Truck on West Coast Highway

Three cyclists were seen on West Coast Highway following the truck in front of them very closely.

Although it is not illegal to cycle on the highway, there was plenty of space on the other lanes, but the cyclists continued to follow behind the truck.

This video was recorded and posted on TikTok on 9 September 2021, which is about a year ago.

It recently went viral again after it was reposted on Facebook:


Reactions From Netizens 

While it is unsure of why they are doing so, some netizens have concluded that they might be trying to shield themselves from the heat.

Image: @joebob556 / TikTok

Others say that it is simply thrilling to do so as the truck can block the wind and create air resistance for cyclists.

Image: @joebob556 / TikTok

Other netizens were also worried as this could bring potential danger if the truck suddenly brakes.

Similar Incidents in The Past 

Unsurprisingly, this was not the first time that cyclists decided to go viral for the wrong reason.

Earlier in June 2022, a large group of cyclists were seen on Telok Blangah Road at night. They hogged almost the entire bus lane, which forced the bus to stop and wait for the cyclists to pass.

This could potentially bring danger to themselves and the motorists on the road.

Another incident occurred in April 2022, when a cyclist hit a woman who just walked out of the gates of her condominium. The cyclist was going at a very fast speed.

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Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons & @joebob556 / TikTok