The Number of Dengue Cases This Year Has Already Exceeded the Total Number of Cases Last Year


Beyond COVID-19, there’s another danger that everyone needs to be aware of now—dengue season is here and more than 6,000 have already been reported this year as of Thursday (28 April).

According to TODAYOnline, the number of dengue fever cases for this year alone has already exceeded the total number of dengue fever cases reported last year.

In 2021, there were 5,258 dengue fever cases in total for the whole year.

Increase Occurring Even Before The Usual Dengue Season 

For those that are unaware, dengue season in Singapore usually hits between the months of June to October.

However, just in April there is a rise in dengue cases with 941 dengue cases reported last week. In the week before that, 733 dengue cases were reported.

Most of mosquito breeding activity were found in homes, said the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Active Dengue Clusters In Singapore

Currently, there are 190 dengue clusters with 44 being dubbed as high-risk areas that has ten or more cases.


The top five areas with the most number of dengue cases are Grove Avenue, Woodlands Avenue 9, Eng Kong Terrace in the Bukit Timah area, ChampionsWay, and residential areas located around Borthwick Drive.

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(So if you happen to be passing through, just stick on a mosquito repellant patch yeah?)

Extremely serious cases of mosquito breeding also occurred in the residential area located at Borthwick Drive.

These residential areas had more than 100 mosquito larvae present when NEA did their inspection. More than a few hundred larvae were also found in areas such as an unused fountain and an unused pond.


Thirteen more premises were also found with 100 or more mosquito larvae each.

Advisory From NEA

To avoid major outbreaks of dengue from occurring within your area, the NEA said that everyone must take urgent and immediate action to remove stagnant water from their environment.

This includes practising the mosquito wipeout “B-L-O-C-K” routine:

  • Break up hardened soil
  • Lift and empty flowerpot plates
  • Overturn pails and wipe pail rims
  • Change water in vases daily
  • Keep roof gutters clear and place BTI insecticide when needed

If the statistic’s aren’t enough for you to stay alert and remove possible mosquito breeding grounds from your home…

Just remember households found with repeat mosquito breeding offences and multiple mosquito breeding habitats may be fined up to $5,000, or imprisonment for a time not exceeding three months, or both, for their first court conviction.

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