Don’t Say Bojio: Free Swensen’s Earthquake Ice-cream for NSmen (SAFRA Members)

We all know and grow up with Swensen’s Earthquake, don’t we?

After all, it’s the to-go for a friend’s celebration.

Lest you’re really not familiar with this gigantic monster, here’s how it looks like.


The story goes that it’s called an Earthquake after the 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake. The eight scoops of ice-cream supposedly send tremors of delight to diners (and also many calories…coz #killjoy).

Now, enough of the introduction, because Swensen’s ice-cream actually needs no introduction.

If you’re a NSMen and have served in SAF, then you should be getting a one-year SAFRA membership as part of the NS50 promotion.

And Swensen’s decided to sweeten the deal (pun completely intended) with its own NS50 promotion.

As long as you’ve a SAFRA card and spend more than $30 in a single bill, you’ll get a free Swensen’s Earthquake voucher.

It’s not indicated whether it could be used during that dinner or on the next visit, but hey: if it’s a next visit, why not just settle your bill and start a new one…with the Earthquake voucher?

The best part is that while it’s not valid on eve of and on public holidays, it’s valid on weekends as well. And there’s also no indication of when the promotion will end.

Here are the terms and condition:

  • A minimum of $30 worth of NS50 SAFRA & SAFRA Rewards Vouchers spend (in a single receipt).
  • Original vouchers and SAFRA card to be presented upon payment.
  • Subject to terms and conditions indicated on the Earthquake voucher.
  • Not valid on eve of/on Public Holidays and on special occasions including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Youth Day, Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day.
  • Not valid with other discounts, promotions, vouchers and Swensen’s membership point accumulation in the same bill.
  • No splitting of bill/table.
  • Swensen’s reserves the right to amend the offer without prior notice.

Faster, now that you’re “contacted”, go “chiong ah!”

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