Everything You need to Know About the Changi Airport Potential Baggage Delay

Travelling in December? I may have some not so pleasant news for you…

The monsoon season is restricting the baggage handlers. Frequent rain and lightning is stopping them from getting your luggage — for a very obvious reason. Safety.

According to Changi Airport Group (CAG), “When there is lightning activity, there is also the possibility of a ‘side flash’, where dangerous static electric discharge occurs even when the workers are standing close to the aircraft and not in contact with any object”.

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I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t risk it for a hundred bucks.

In November, 1.5% of the flights were affected. Wet weather is expected to continue for the first half of December. Singapore may face heavy rain all the way to January.

Affected? CAG got you covered.

You will be informed.

Messages will be shown on the monitor displays at the baggage claim belts and public announcements will be made at regular intervals.

There will also be signs or “lightning cubes” on the relevant baggage claim belts.


You will be taken care of.

Refreshments will be offered while you wait for your bags.

CAG also set up lounges in the Baggage Claim Halls located in T2 and T3 where you can access WiFi and charging facilities.


You can sit back and relax.

In cases where the delay is too long, some airlines are willing to send your luggage to you via the home delivery option.

All in all, while delays are the worst things to face during travel, I’m sure you’ll agree that safety comes first. CAG is doing their best to protect their staff and passengers’ welfare.

I mean, I wouldn’t mind a slight delay in the World’s Best Airport and enjoy their facilities for free!

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