FB App on How You Look as Opposite Sex Has Gone Viral. Here’s What You Should Know


Have you ever wondered how you would look like as the opposite sex? Because if you did, I have something cool for you.

So apparently, there’s a FB App that’s been going viral on the net for purportedly showing the gender-swapped you.

Image: en.kueez.com

There are two options to go about it: Facebook and… non-Facebook.

Image: en.kueez.com

I proceeded with the latter, and it prompted me to key in my gender, which I did. Thereafter, I uploaded my photo, and it started analysing.

Now, keep in mind that my expectations weren’t exactly high. There are a load of apps like this out there, and the last I tried my gender swapped persona became some unknown girl in the Himalayas. Like what?

After what seemed like a year, the page refreshed to reveal my result:

Note: this handsome dude isn’t me, but my lady-killer colleague Ong Yiin Jiunn.

Image: en.kueez.com

Wait a min…

Image: Gfycat

Who’s that 11/10 I would totally swipe right on Tinder?!

Honestly, I was expecting something like this…

Image: wearetests.com

And I just received something a thousand times better!

Incredulous, I dug deep into my secret file of photos, and uploaded one of my handsome Korean-like friend Justin Tan.

Image: en.kueez.com

WHOA GEEZUS. He’s become a chio bu! 

I’m starting to see why the app went viral in the first place! But wait, what about girls?

Intrigued, I selected the company’s alpha chio bu for the job.  And the results were…

Image: en.kueez.com

WHOA WHAT? Celeste has become a Korean leading actor!

Can I rave anymore about this app? You should totally try it for yourself here!

It’s not the only one either.

As it turns out, there were loads of such apps on the net, like this one that ‘ages’ you by 20 years.

Image: en.quizzstar.com

Grandpa Yiin Jiunn!

And there’s one that lets you see how your future son looks like too!

Image: wittybunny.com

What do you know? I might just start using Facebook apps again!


P.s. posting this here because I have to suffer too.

Image: en.kueez.com

Gawd I look like a 70 year-old grandma.

Anyways, tag your friends and get them to try the app!

It will be a blast!

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