Felicia Chin Shares How She Was an Outcast at Work When Young;’ Gives Realistic Advice to Teens


Celebrities in Singapore, including Li Nan Xing, Belinda Lee, Darren Lim, and Felicia Chin, have regularly made content and shared their life experiences on the faith-based platform Hai Hao Ma since it was launched in January 2022. 

Felicia Chin, a 38-year-old former actress, has regularly contributed to their predominantly Mandarin content since joining in August 2022. 

She has opened up about her relationship, honeymoon with actor Jeffrey Xu, and her humanitarian visit to Zambia with World Vision Singapore.

Recently, she has taken to sharing advice about navigating personal relationships at the workplace.

Was Ostracised At Work Due To Her Bubbly & Enthusiastic Nature


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In her latest Instagram video on the platform, Felicia reflects on times when she felt excluded in social situations.

Like many teens, she had no idea on how to handle challenging social situations in her workplace when she was young. 

As such, she seeks to share advice with viewers on handling such challenging social situations, as it may take years to gain valuable insights on navigating them

She recounts a temporary clothing retail job she had when she was 17 or 18, where her co-workers showed disinterest in interacting with her. 

Felicia believes her enthusiasm and optimism in attending to customers made her stand out compared to her colleagues, who were more laid-back and less proactive in approaching customers.

She states that due to their different working styles and attitudes, the colleagues probably thought she was too “try-hard” and did not want to talk to her.

Although she felt upset by the situation, she believed being proactive in her job was the right thing to do, as any boss would want their employee to do their best in the tasks given to them.

However, she now contemplates whether she could have approached things differently. 

For example, she shares that she could have taken the first step in understanding why her colleagues were reacting negatively towards her.

She elaborated that she could have asked her co-workers if she could do anything to make them feel more comfortable interacting with her, finding an acceptable compromise for everyone involved.

Emphasises That Communication is Key to Navigating Personal Relationships at Work

While reflecting on her personal experiences with workplace relationships, Felicia Chin acknowledges that each case is unique and different.

She recognises that people exhibit “anti-social” behaviour for various reasons, and it’s essential to understand that some individuals may need time to warm up to strangers or prefer more personal space.


Felicia also emphasises the significance of approaching others with care while respecting their choices. 

Nevertheless, she believes that individuals should commend themselves for caring about their personal relationships at work.

She stresses that as long as one has made genuine attempts to connect with others, whether fostering a friendship or resolving misunderstandings, they have already done their best.

Even if the other party doesn’t reciprocate the concern or continues to avoid interaction, Felicia reassures that it’s okay as long as the strained relationship doesn’t affect one’s working environment or mood.

Furthermore, she highlights that everyone constantly learns and grows, and mistakes are a natural part of life, regardless of age.


She then concludes the video by emphasising the importance of empathy and understanding towards others, as it fosters a positive and thriving work environment.

Negative Experiences Inspired Actress to Join Programmes That Positively Impact Vulnerable Individuals

Having grown up in the spotlight as an aspiring actress, Felicia Chin has faced more challenges than just disinterested retail colleagues.

When discussing her departure from Mediacorp in June 2022, Felicia opened up about her insecurities, fears, and battle with bulimia, an eating disorder she struggled with during her early days in showbiz.

As a familiar face in the industry, Felicia experienced societal pressure and high expectations regarding her image and behaviour as she often portrayed virtuous characters in her dramas. 

These expectations took a toll on her self-image, leading to the development of the eating disorder. 

Negative comments on social media intensified her self-hatred and dissatisfaction with her appearance, fueling her unhealthy eating habits.


Her struggles have since inspired her to connect with vulnerable youths, motivating her to share her insecurities when conducting talks on fears and self-love.

Felicia is also an ambassador for World Vision Singapore, actively participating in mission trips, making donations, and even sponsoring a child through their Chosen program.

Her current role as a producer and presenter for Hai Hao Ma, a Christian-based platform, aligns with her desire to share stories of hope with individuals grappling with insecurities, much like she did.