You Can Reportedly Get a Free Ice-Cream Cone By Doing the Shake ‘N Dip Dance in McDonald’s Outlets


No, we’re not here to prank you. This is a legit offer, like those hacks you shamelessly do at Hai Di Lao to get freebies.

If you’re craving a sweet treat, getting it for free certainly makes the experience even sweeter. Here’s what you need to do to get free ice cream at McDonald’s.

Dance the Shake ‘N’ Dip

Online influencer Bong QiuQiu shared this hack on her Instagram, where she brought her daughter along to get some free ice cream.

Basically, you can go to any McDonald’s, ask for the manager, and then do your Shake ‘N’ Dip dance while reciting the lyrics. The manager will then give you a free ice cream cone.

In her caption, she explained that you don’t have to go all-out and do the full-body dance. If you paiseh, you can just do the hand gestures while reciting the lyrics.

And if you have no idea what the Shake ‘N’ Dip dance is, you can watch it here:

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Why Shake ‘N’ Dip?

Shake ‘N’ Dip isn’t some new TikTok dance move, but rather the slogan of McDonald’s current promotion.

They brought back the roasted sesame seaweed shaker fries as well as the smoky nacho cheese sauce, which is why the slogan is ‘Shake’ (the fries) and ‘Dip’ (your nuggets into the sauce).

Both the menu items and the dance hack are for a limited time only, so be sure to head to McDonald’s soon to try them out.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@bongqiuqiu)