Gamer Suffered From Stroke & Became Paralysed After Playing Games For 3 Days Straight


If you pride yourself on your ability to tank through an online game for 3 consecutive days, well I’ve news for you.

You should probably stop doing that.

It’s not so much for the sake of your sanity.

Rather, it’s more for your health.

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It seems you’re still doubtful. Can’t be helped; listen up.

A varsity student in China played computer games for three days straight and ended up having a stroke.

The right side of his body was subsequently paralyzed.

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Finally listening, you rebellious piece of sh*t?

Freak Incident

21-year-old Xiao Xie had opted to spend his 8-day public holiday in the cybercafe, instead of heading back to his hometown.

Reason? His friends had invited him for a gaming marathon at the cafe, and he had agreed.

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They ended up playing a single game for 72 hours straight, and never left the cybercafe a single time during that period.

(My OCD is acting up already)


On the night of the Mid-autumn festival, Xie became quiet, unusually quiet.

Before he knew it, the nausea came; he started vomiting uncontrollably.

Not long after, he fainted in front of his computer.

His friends rushed him to a nearby hospital, but it was too late: the damage has already been done.

Celebral stroke

Even at the hospital, Xie stayed in an unconscious state. The right side of his body was paralysed, and to make things even worse?

He’s in a critical condition and doctors have no idea where to start. Things, to put it bluntly, weren’t exactly looking up for Xie.

A neurologist from another hospital was subsequently called in, and it was then discovered that Xie had sustained a celebral stroke.

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The doctors prepared for a surgery procedure straight away, and they removed all the clots in his brain.

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He has regained consciousness

Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and Xie has since woken up from his comatose state.

He is now on his way to recovery, and has by some miracle retrieved control of the right side of his body. He would however still need some further treatment to really iron out all the deficiencies.


What’s the cause?

According to the aforementioned neurologist, “strokes are not just exclusive to elderly folks anymore since more youngsters, especially varsity students, are reportedly being diagnosed with it.

“Long hours of sitting and low food and water consumption can easily lead to cerebral strokes. Spending long hours in front of computers also means that they have no time to indulge in outdoor activities, which is crucial for blood circulation.”

Moral of the story

While Xie might have dodged a bullet there by regaining full control of his body, the same might not be applicable for other cases.

So the moral of the story here? Game, and game well. Just make sure to play in moderation. Remember, not too long ago, someone just turned blind in one eye due to prolonged gaming.

After all, there’s no point in becoming the best of them all, if you’re going to lose something precious in return.

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