Popular Japanese YouTuber Ghib Ojisan Met & Married S’porean Girl While Doing Travel Vlog

Many of us set out to look for the one.

Sometimes, you got to look for them while other times, your right one just comes strolling along the PIE.

And popular Japanese YouTuber Ghib Ojisan also has his own story to tell.

He revealed in his latest YouTube video the real reason why he came to Singapore.

Popular Japanese YouTuber Ghib Ojisan Met & Married S’porean Girl While Doing Travel Vlog

And turns out, he met his wife, a Singaporean girl, back then when he was doing a travel vlog here.

Image: YouTube

He then went on to stay here for two months, even though backpacking in Singapore was pretty expensive.

However, he kept this a secret and continued seeing her, and well, I think it’s safe to say that things went well for them.

Because they’ve gotten married.

In the video, he told his viewers that he got married a while back and after a lot of consideration, he finally decided to tell his viewers.

He clarified that he wasn’t trying to hide anything. It’s just because he was paiseh.

After all, he didn’t think of himself as an idol or a celebrity who has tons of female fans who would get upset if he was.

He is, however, concerned that people will no longer watch his videos after his marriage is revealed.

“Everybody wanted to see me travel alone and see me play my guitar on the streets. But I couldn’t do that anymore. I had a girl I need to take care of.”

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Getting Married

Image: YouTube

He goes on to talk about how they had two different weddings, one in Japan and one in Singapore.

He was pleasantly surprised and thought that it was definitely a very interesting experience participating in the Singaporean wedding because it was different from the Japanese one.

Image: YouTube

After discussing where to settle down, they decided on Singapore.

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Currently, the couple is staying with his wife’s family while they look for a flat of their own.

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Family Ties

He also talked about how the family culture is very different in Singapore and in Japan.

He said that the family ties in Singaporean families are much stronger than the ones in Japanese families, and Japanese families tend to be more formal.

In the video, he flies a drone towards his father-in-law and says hi, and they seem to have a good time off-camera.

He then admits that if he wasn’t in an interracial marriage, he wouldn’t have dared to do that to his Japanese father-in-law.

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He compliments his Singaporean family for being so welcoming and friendly towards him, and he is thankful that his mother-in-law sees him like her own real son.

While his wife was too shy to make an appearance in his video, he did express hopes that she might someday appear in one.


Before he ended the video, he thanked all his fans for their support and told them that he will probably be making more videos that aren’t necessarily related to travelling or playing the guitar.

Who is Ghib Ojisan?

Image: Twitter (@ghibli_ojisan)

In case you don’t know who he is, he is most famous for his solo travel vlogs as well as the videos where he performs and plays the guitar on the streets.

He was also the one who did the video on the Sembawang hot spring park when it first opened!

He also does a lot of videos comparing things between Japan and Singapore, as well as reviews on Singapore food.

He speaks both Japanese and English in his videos, but don’t worry, he also provides subtitles in either language.


If you’re interested to view his videos, you can do so here.

And if you want to take a look at his video explaining his marriage, you can do so below:

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