A Golden Retriever Was Dragged Along The Road By A Car For Almost 2KM, & It Almost Died

Warning: the article you’re about to read contains elements that might trigger extreme anger or profanities, especially for dog lovers.

So please proceed at your own risk; We are not liable for the saliva residue on your computer screen.

Now, we all know that dogs are Man’s best friends.

And many a time, we have all taken them for a ride; whether it be a car ride, an amusement park ride or even a piggyback ride.

However, there are also other kinds of rides, the likes of which tempts the best of us to hurl all kinds of abuse at the ‘driver’.

Golden Retriever Dragged Along The Road

On the morning of August 14, in Zhejiang, China, motorists noticed a golden retriever being pulled along the road by a black car.

Image: Weibo

As you can see, one end of the dog’s leash is attached to the door handle, forcing it to be hauled along as the car drove down the road.

According to AsiaOne, the dog might have been dragged for a distance of kilometres.


Image: freekaidea.com

The motorists jumped into action in an attempt to save the bedraggled dog – they informed animal rights activists and the media to the incident.

When the reporters arrived, the dog was lying on the ground with abrasions all over.

Image: Weibo

It was quickly taken to an animal hospital, where a vet said that it had attained serious injuries and needed to be operated on.

The poor dog might take a full month to recover.

What exactly happened?

The dog’s owner, a man with the surname Hong, told Chinese media that he had loaned his car to a friend earlier in the morning.

He claimed that his friend had driven off without seeing the dog’s leash still attached to the car. 

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Hah, bullshit. Unless you’re telling me he had a literal ‘cock eye’, there’s no way he would’ve missed the leash tied to the door.

It’s not like it’s hidden, and the dog’s bound to bark.

Hong apparently started chasing after the vehicle and calling his friend. When the call connected, however, the deed has already been done.

Why did he tie the dog’s leash to the car door handle in the first place? Well, it’s because it’s active.

Or at least that’s what Hong proclaims.

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It’s not over

While Hong and the outraged netizens are still ‘debating’ over the real culprit behind the incident, animal lovers were more worried about the dog itself.

To prevent any further incidents like this, some actually wanted to purchase the dog off Hong, but he declined.


This wasn’t the first time something like this happened

In August of 2016, a dog was tied to the back of a SUV and pulled to its death. Before that, in September of 2014, a dog was rope-tied to a hatchback’s rear, and died after sustaining severe injuries.


I consider myself a gentle guy, but if you’ve seen the Hulk you would know that nice guys don’t always stay meek and calm all the time.

Image: quickmeme.com

As I was writing this article, I couldn’t help but want to give a tight smack to the driver’s face. It might be a simple moment of carelessness for him, but it’s 2 kilometres of hell for the poor dog.

It might be a simple moment of carelessness for him, but it’s 2 kilometres of hell for the poor dog.

How would you feel if you were the one being hauled down the road, getting battered all over and have your cries for help ignored?


For every dog’s sake, let’s hope that this kind of incident wouldn’t happen again for many years to come.

What about you? What do you think about this incident?

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