People Behind Golden Village FB Account Are Having Fun Responding to Jeff Ng’s Haters


Last Updated on 2022-08-21 , 5:19 pm

If you’ve been part of the crowds who’ve gathered outside The Cathay to enjoy a particular local busker’s performances earlier this year, you’ve probably heard of what has happened to him over the past few months.

After going viral on social media for his engaging performances and renditions of Chinese songs outside the Cathay building, the accusations regarding what local busker Jeff Ng is really like in real life started to spread like wildfire as well.

You can watch this video to know more about his saga:

In particular, the 32-year-old musician was revealed to have been abusive towards his ex-girlfriend and rude towards audience members such as by not allowing them to leave comments to chat during his live streams.

Patrons who visited a restaurant where he performed at as part of a live band also left feedback for the establishment, saying that he did not allow anyone to talk during their meal just because he was performing on stage.

He also got into various arguments with netizens on Instagram after confronting them about them unfollowing him on the social media platform.

And after the “scandal” regarding him broke out across various social media platforms, Ng proceeded to quietly cancel his subsequent busking session outside the Cathay building.

He also released a statement in response to the accusations, but as we all know, the damage was already done to his reputation.

Prior to his scandal, he revealed to his followers that he would perform in a “real concert” in September this year.

And although one might think that his plans for an “actual” concert would’ve fallen through by now, it seems like that isn’t the case.

At least, they won’t unless he finds himself in hot soup once again.

Ng Holding Concert at Golden Village on 9 September

On Thursday (18 August), movie theatre company Golden Village (GV) released the following announcement on its Facebook page, Golden Village Mr Popcorn.

In the caption, GV wrote, “GV supports the local busking community and is happy to bring you a 2nd edition of busking performance by having homegrown singer-songwriter 黄長俊 Jeff Ng at GV for a music showcase!”


The post also indicated that Ng’s concert is a part of “Lights, Camera, Busking Live!”, which is a programme that GV is organising together with the Buskers’ Association.

The programme strives towards promoting local talents and allowing busking culture to become more prominent in Singapore.

And it seems like tickets have been selling out fast, with most of the good seats being snapped up within 24 hours of GV’s announcement.

According to GV’s announcement, the tickets to see Ng sing on the night of 9 September will cost $20 each for the public, while GV members can get their tickets at $18.

Additionally, there will also be an hour-long autograph session after the music showcase.


You can watch this video to know more about the concert, and why it shouldn’t be called a “concert” instead:

Netizens’ Responses to Announcement

As expected, many netizens cast their doubts regarding GV’s choice of performer after its announcement.

In the comments section, some netizens brought up his past behaviour and scandals, while most also said that they would not want to support a performer like him.

One Facebook user also said that they would rather spend the money on a ticket to a live music show instead, and told GV, “There are so many other local [buskers] with talents. Please collaborate with those without controversy and I’ll surely come support them!”

Others joked that the audience would not be allowed to make any noise or even chomp on popcorn, for Ng would go up to them and ask them to stop.


Golden Village’s Hilarious Responses

In response to netizens’ comments and opinions regarding Ng and their choice of performer, GV had its own unique and humourous way of dealing with them.

Apart from encouraging members of the public to purchase tickets (and food) in the comments section, the page also responded in ways that’ll make you wonder if Mr Popcorn is the actual celebrity in this case.

Regarding Ng’s problematic behaviour in the past, one netizen wrote if audience members would be required to follow him on Instagram, unfollow all other singers on Instagram and be completely silent during the concert.

“Also, will there be a refund if he chooses to walk out and not “earn for the day”? If we get scolded during the concert, is there any recourse (i.e. will GV assist with customer service)?” the Facebook user added.

And the staff member behind the page replied soon after, saying, “don’t worry, Mr Popcorn, Ms Nachos and little popcorn will be there to support local buskers together, come join me la. If he scold you, I scold him ok, coz is my hood. Hahaha.”


To that, some netizens thanked Mr Popcorn for promising to “protect them” during the concert, and said that they would attend it.

And that’s not all.

For example, Mr Popcorn reassured netizens that they won’t get scolded even if they make noise while munching on popcorn:

Image: Facebook (Golden Village Mr Popcorn)

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And he even remembered to advertise the food and drink combos available at GV cinemas.

Image: Facebook (Golden Village Mr Popcorn)

Also, with regards to some of Mr Popcorn’s replies being copied and pasted, he apparently had his own reasons too, which all the more shows why we should support him and GV.

Image: Facebook (Golden Village Mr Popcorn)

But hey, I suppose that attending the concert is more worth it for sure if you have a popcorn mascot to “protect” you during the concert… right?

You can read more of Mr Popcorn’s responses in this post.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Golden Village Mr Popcorn)