Grab M’sia Having a ‘Quiet Ride’ Feature That Informs Driver Not to Have Small Talks With Passengers


Last Updated on 2022-10-07 , 12:25 pm

Starting from 7 October, Grab in Malaysia will be offering a “Quiet Ride” feature, otherwise known as the polite way to tell your private-hire driver to “keep quiet”.

Sometimes when we’re taking a taxi or private-hire car, we may encounter chatty drivers.

On good days, we are okay with holding light conversations.

But if we are having a bad day and specifically called a taxi to limit all human interactions, some peace and quiet would be really appreciated.

In order to understand the passengers’ preferences better, Grab is trialling the Quiet Ride feature in Malaysia. This feature was previously tested in Vietnam and the Philippines too.

The process is fairly intuitive; after successfully booking a private-hire car, the passenger will receive an automated message:

“Reply with “Quiet Ride” if you prefer a conservation-free ride. If you have no preference, please ignore this message.”


Just respond with “Quiet Ride” and the driver will know that you prefer silence during the ride.

Not Totally Quiet

Of course, while the driver will understand the passenger’s request for silence, essential questions need to be asked.

For instance, the driver will speak to confirm your final destination and ask about your preferred route. They may also ask about the air-conditioner settings and music playback to ensure that you have a pleasant experience.


Just your standard affair, really.

Drivers will also need to undergo a five-minute training video before they can offer the Quiet Ride option.


The main impetus for carrying out this trial is because Grab is aware that conversations can be awkward and stressful for both parties involved.

If it is explicitly stated that the passenger wants to have a conversation-free ride, then drivers will know that they do not have to make stilted small talk, and the passenger will not feel obliged to go along.

Grab commented that it is still testing and assessing the feature in various markets, so it has not set an official date for when the “Quiet Ride” will be released to the mass market in Malaysia.

One wonders if this feature will make landfall in Singapore.

Some people might appreciate it greatly.

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