Hawker Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Other Hawkers With Stick in Tanglin Halt Food Centre


A senseless violent act happened in Tanglin Halt Food Centre on Friday (8 April) when a hawker was attacked from behind with a stick.

Attacked Happened In the Morning 

The 54-year-old hawker who was attacked is Punnataro Wee.

Wee runs a fish soup stall at Tanglin Halt Centre alongside his 54-year-old partner, Ms Wang Wei.

The pair were busy re-opening the stall on Friday morning as the stall was closed before because Wang had to take a few months off to receive treatment at the hospital.

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Wang was inside the stall preparing the fish whilst Wee was seated outside the stall preparing the vegetables needed for their business.

It was then when Wee had been attacked from behind and Wang rushed out of the stall after hearing the commotion.

Hawker Knew His Attacker 

In an attempt to stop the attacker from hitting Wee further, Wang had also sustained injuries to her head and arm as she tried to get a hold of the stick from the attacker.

Once Wang succeeded in getting a hold of the stick, the attacker ran away.

Afterwards, Wang called the police and ambulance with the help of other nearby stall owners who saw the attack occur.

The attacker allegedly runs another fish soup stall in another area of Tanglin Halt Food centre. 

Wang has also said that prior to the attack, the attacker threatened her and Wee multiple times in Hokkien.

Police investigation are currently ongoing for this attack.

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Featured Image: コウSing / Google Maps