Heartthrob Nicholas Tse Has Now Become a Celebrity Chef Instead


Nicholas Tse is very popular in Hong Kong media; he has acted in numerous dramas and film, not to mention, he has several albums under his belt.

Image: sg.yahoo.com

To add on to his remarkable resume, he is now a celebrity chef.

Nicholas Tse, a celebrity chef

Last year, he was honoured as the first-ever “Friend of Michelin”—an award for Michelin-star-worthy non-professional chefs and restaurantuers—and last month, he was part of the seven-course gala dinner, “A Night Among the Star”.

An apt name for the gala since guests were served dishes by Michelin-starred chefs such as Alain Ducasse, Noah Sandoval and Fabrice Vulin.

Tse was in-charge of the desserts; he served up Rose Profiteroles which came with rose water, lychee jelly, dehydrated rose petals and caraway seed breadsticks, South China Morning Post reported.

Image: Channel NewsAsia

The guests thought the dish was “passable” which is not too shabby since he made hundreds of them.

But the said dish wasn’t the highlight of the day. It was his performance on stage where he started making chocolate art by squirting two bottles containing dark chocolate and white chocolate.

Image: Channel NewsAsia

I am pretty sure Picasso would be impressed.

His culinary journey

After watching a cooking show on pastry making, he was inspired to try them out.

Let’s just say, his first attempt at making a cream puff was—Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t be too pleased.

Over the years, he improved his skill through the help of the internet.


Now, he has his own cookie line—Chef Nic’s Cookies—and he also helped create a new XO sauce for Lee Kum Kee with Tam Kwok-fung (chef of two-Michelin-starred restaurant, Jade Dragon at City of Dreams).

He also has his own show—Chef Nic, a travelogue where he would explore different food around the world with his culinary friends.

How food has changed his life

He mentioned that cooking has really helped him open up, especially to his family.

“I used to be this really locked-up kid, I didn’t talk much, I was on really bad terms with my family – until I started cooking,” he said.

“I found a new medium to converse with mom. And now every time I cook they come to my house, we sit at the table and that is just the best platform to open up – hey dad you want to try this? Before I just didn’t have that bridge.”

But don’t expect him to ditch the limelight for kitchen stoves anytime soon.

He told Channel NewsAsia, “No. I don’t plan on opening restaurants because I know with my personality, I’ll stay in the restaurant and lose contact with everyone else.”

If you want to catch him in the act, you’re better off catching his latest film—Cook up a storm where he plays a street-food chef.

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