It’s Going to be a Rainy Christmas as Heavy Rain is Expected Almost Every Day in the Next 2 Weeks

As you know, Singapore’s weather is usually hot and humid. 

A Singaporean’s typical fashion includes a simple UNIQLO Airism T-shirt and FBT shorts, even in atas places like Orchard.

Thus, the wet and slightly cooler weather for the past two weeks has been a welcomed change.

And it seems like the cooling weather is here to stay (at least for the rest of December).

Shiok ah!

Northeast Monsoon Season

If you’ve planned any picnics or beach trips in the next two weeks, it may be best to change those plans.

On most days, moderate to heavy thundery showers are expected over parts of the island in the afternoon. It is also expected that these showers will last past the evening on some days.

In addition, you can expect it to be more windy due to the strengthening of northerly winds over Singapore. 

These changes are mainly due to Northeast Monsoon conditions, which usually give Singapore a cooler, rainy season during this time of the year.

The daily temperature is predicted to range between 24 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius on most days. While two or three days may hit 33 degrees Celsius, a lower temperature of 23 degrees Celsius can be expected on some rainy days.

You’ll probably see an influx of people posing in long-sleeved shirts on Instagram and captioning their photos with “sweater weather” in the coming weeks.

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Expected Weather for Early 2023

It is expected that Singapore will continue having wet weather until January 2023, after which our island will probably experience a dry phase from February to mid-March 2023.

So if you want to have an excuse to dress up warmly or pretend that you are in slightly cooler countries like Taiwan, you better do it now.

If you’re interested in keeping up with the daily weather forecast, you can visit the MSS or NEA website for more details.

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