High Court Dismisses Han Hui Hui’s Bid That COVID-19 VDS Are ‘Unlawful’

We all know her as the infamous independent candidate that shouted passionately “Return Our CPF!” during the 2015 General Election.

This month, Han Hui Hui returns with yet another failed attempt at activism.

This time, it was to change the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) stance on Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS).

(Wordy, I know.)

Bids Dismissed by High Court

On Thursday (16 June), Han and five other people had their bids to halt the implementation of COVID-19 related measures dismissed by the High Court.

According to CNA, this included a request for the court to declare the instructions given to manage COVID-19 as “unlawful” or “irrational”.

This means the group wanted the court to recognise the measures implemented by MOH to quell the pandemic as unauthorised or ‘shady’ in nature.

A quick brief on the list of VDS policies the group wanted to challenge:

  • COVID-19 patients who choose to remain unvaccinated to bear full cost of their medical treatment;
  • Termination of employment by employers for Singaporeans who choose to remain unvaccinated and are unable to make different work arrangements.

Judge Explanation Behind Dismissing Bids

Judge Dedar Singh Gill’s judgement said the arguments made by the applicants and Han were rejected for two reasons.

One, the statistics cited for their arguments were considered incorrect and based on “shaky assumptions”.

Two, the measures implemented by MOH and the multi-ministry task force were enforced in “good faith” with reasons supported by “objective evidence”.

(So just think of the bids as a group project essay done by Han and five others that didn’t do well because they lacked in credible resources and evidence.)

Aside from Han, the five other people involved are Sng Hu Hui, Yeo Sheau Yuen, Lim Beng Kwang, Lawrence Simon Anthony, and Muhammad Faizal Mustafa.

The group was represented by lawyer and opposition politician, Lim Tean.

More on Incorrect Statistics Presented for the Bids

The statistics presented to justify the bid were calculated by Han and the applicants themselves based on the public data provided on the MOH website.

This data was the numbers on COVID-19 deaths and those who were critically ill.

The result of their calculations assumed that there were more vaccinated people who were critically ill with COVID-19 in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) compared to those who are unvaccinated.

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They also claimed that data published on the MOH website as of 10 April 2022 showed that no individuals above the age of 70 admitted to the ICU were unvaccinated.

Thus, the group argued there were no reasonable grounds for the vaccine-differentiated measures to continue.

But their claims were proven to be false as Dr Heng Mok Kwee Derrick, Deputy Director of Medical Services (Public Health Group) at MOH, provided data that proved deaths and being critically ill due to COVID-19 were higher among the unvaccinated population in comparison to the vaccinated population.

(Go figure.)

Han’s Activities Aside from COVID-19 Court Bid

Beyond this court fiasco, Han has remained active in the realm of political activism through social media like Twitter and Facebook.

The activist even has a TikTok account where her latest video includes her attempt to challenge the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Han has also published a book titled #YearningForJustice: A mother’s musings to her future child in 2019.

Her most recent activity focuses on the topic of a Singapore Police Force (SPF) officer being discriminated against at work for being pregnant.

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Featured Image: Tiktok (@hanhuihui) and Facebook (Han Hui Hui)