History of Llaollao in S’pore: How It Started & Died Here

I‘m amazed by the affection one has for food.

When Gong Cha first announced its closure and replacement with LiHo, I didn’t feel that much of a pinch because I wasn’t a die-hard fan.

In fact, I even laughed at how people were queuing over the last cup at Marina Bay Sands.

Guess what now? God gave me a chance to experience this pain and fandom I never knew I could experience over… frozen yogurt.

Image: llao llao Singapore Facebook Page

Yes, I know many of you guys have heard the news over how llao llao is ceasing its operations islandwide today. My teammates were so upset that almost everyone wrote about it today.

You can read it here, here and here. #WritersUnite

And since today is the last day of llao llao’s presence in Singapore, how can I not contribute?

How They Started

Originating from Spain, llaollao opened in Singapore four years ago sometime in July 2013. Its first outlet was at Marina Square and man, look at this photo taken 4 years back.

Image: llao llao Singapore Facebook Page

According to the master franchisor’s website, it started with one store in 2013, and by last month (November 2017), they had 71 stores – though not all are in Singapore, of course.

The company also holds other franchises, primarily Spanish F&B outlets.

Many of us may associate more with the other outlets at [email protected] and Plaza Singapura, which also happens to be two of the more crowded outlets.

Image: republicanpost.sg

I had my first taste at [email protected] and fell in love right away. Yes, I did.

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Subsequently, I found myself part of the crazy queue that went round the outlet, past Guardian and all the way to the toilet area. Those who’ve queued before at [email protected], memories at its peak, no?

Llao llao did so well it expanded to so many outlets, 29 outlets to date.

But it didn’t make pass the 30th mark…

Closing on 7 December

I type this with a 100kg weight on my heart.

The news came too fast, too sudden. I was preparing for bed and scrolling through the last few Facebook posts when I saw it on the news just yesterday.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

There’s almost no time to react. The only thing that went through my mind was, I’m going to get this after work on 7 December.

The only thing left is to snap a picture and put it on the gram’, remembering I was part of its extinction.

Sigh. Okay man, this is getting too emo.

Of course, if you’ve forgotten, here’s the reason why LlaoLlao is saying goodbye to us: “D+1 Holding has terminated the master franchise of Singapore with llaollao Spain and will cease the operations of llaollao in Singapore.”

Oh, not much reason there anyways.

One interesting thing is that despite that, you can still get your LlaoLlao from Malaysia: according to Marketing magazine, the Malaysia outlets are operated by another company.

Maybe it won’t be so bad? We take hope from Gong Cha who said goodbye and came back recently, receiving so much love from the humans in Singapore.

I have my fingers crossed.

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