Ikea has Cute IG-Worthy Rabbit Buns & Bak Kwa for CNY


Last Updated on 2023-01-06 , 5:14 pm

IKEA, the land of mouthwatering meatballs, DIY furniture kits, and a maze-like organisation, has announced its plans for the new year. 

From its pre-new-year sale to its Year of the Rabbit festive menu and furniture collection, you’re sure to leave IKEA satisfied (provided you can find the exit)!

CNY Menu

IKEA is a Swedish brand, but they’ve infused some Chinese into their menu for next year’s CNY. From 3 January to 28 February 2023, here’s what you can expect. 

Image: IKEA

Instead of immediately ordering their meatballs, why not try out their plant-based golden fish fillet with fries? Along with assorted vegetables, you can munch on two crispy, flaky patties of “fish” along with your favourite french fries. 

Image: IKEA Plant-based Golden Fillet with Fries

For appetizers, you can order their fried dumplings with pork filling. The dish will come with five pieces of juicy and savoury pork wrapped in a delicate dumpling skin and fried to a perfect golden brown crisp. 

Image: IKEA Pork Dumplings

If you’re craving a sweet snack, they’ve got rabbit buns with red bean filling, as well as their Prosperity Cat macarons. Even if you’re full, these IG-worthy desserts can feed your camera, so don’t worry. 

Image: IKEA Rabbit Bun with Red Bean Filling
Image: IKEA Prosperity Cat Macaron

For takeaway items, you can buy a variety of snacks, namely Bak Kwa, mandarin oranges, and CNY cookies.

Image: IKEA Bak Kwa
Image: IKEA Mandarin Orange
Image: IKEA CNY Cookies

Even with so many new items, some of us are still unadventurous. Don’t worry; your regulars are still there, this time with an offer from 26 December 2022 to 8 January 2023. 

The Meatball Gang (or Plantball if you’re vegetarian) can look forward to $2 off their favourite menu item. The prices are now $12.90 and $10.50 for the meatball and plantball sets, respectively, each coming with a bowl of mushroom soup.

Image: IKEA Meatball
Image: IKEA Plantball

Another dish with an offer is the lobster and spaghetti set (also a CNY menu dish). Now, you can have $2.50 off for the half lobster with organic spaghetti and mixed vegetables, all topped with chilli crab sauce. 

Now at $16.50, their fresh springy lobster pair with the eggy and spicy sauce will definitely delight you.

Image: IKEA Half Lobster with Spaghetti and Chilli Crab Sauce

If you or your kids enjoy nuggets, the plant-based nuggets set comes with organic spaghetti, mixed vegetables, and mushroom soup at only $10, $2 cheaper than before. 

Image: IKEA Plant Nuggets with Spaghetti

Additionally, their crispy french fries are a dollar off at only $1.50!

Image: IKEA Fries

Of course, meals are never complete without drinks and desserts.

IKEA’s gooey chocolate cake and nordic fruit water combo will sell for only $2.50, $1.50 less than usual, while stocks last. 

Image: IKEA Gooey Cake
Image: IKEA Nordic Fruit Water

After enjoy your hearty and flavourful plate of meatballs, you can dig into a sweet and chewy slice of chocolate cake and wash that all down with a refreshing cold glass of fruit water.

Just so you know, the offers for regular menu items only apply to IKEA Family members (IKEA members). Fortunately, signing up for a lifetime membership is free for everyone. 

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Year End Sale

If you’re not a foodie and are still rushing to buy home furniture items before next year’s GST hike, IKEA’s got you covered.

From 26 December 2022 to 8 January 2023, over 650 home furnishing products will be on sale for up to 50% off.

If you’re a member, that’s even better because your 10% member’s discount still applies on top of this.

Image: IKEA Duvet Cover and Pillowcase

Similar to the food, there is a CNY collection (FÖSSTA Collection) inspired by traditional Chinese ink and brush paintings. These designs are eye-catching and auspicious, making them excellent for your home. 

Not only do they have ornamental items for decoration, but there are practical items for day-to-day use.

Image: FÖSSTA Collection Box
Image: FÖSSTA Collection Serving Bowl
Image: FÖSSTA Collection Bunny Cushion
Image: FÖSSTA Collection Artificial Flowers and Vase
Image: FÖSSTA Collection Table-runner

Need I say more?

Hurry down to IKEA this December (and next January) to enjoy all their newest sales and items. See you there!

IKEA’s Festive Performances and Workshops

From 28 to 29 January, you can join IKEA’s Lunar New Year celebration across all their stores. Start your year right by basking in the exciting and upbeat roar of the lion dance performances.

Apart from viewing the performances, you and your family members can also take up their in-store workshops. Catered for kids and adults alike, there will be an activity for your entire family on the weekends of 7 to 15 January.


At the workshop, you can pick up invaluable tips on decluttering and home organization (to fit more IKEA products in your house, of course). Not to mention, you can learn how to create a stunning floral centerpiece for the new year festivities to impress your in-laws.

For more details and dates, you can visit IKEA’s website.

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Featured Image: IKEA