YP Who Caught a Fish Illegally at MacRitchie Reservoir Tossed It Back Like a Basketball


Did you know that you could get fined $3,000 for illegal fishing in the reservoirs?

This guy was not only caught on video fishing illegally, but also tossing, or yeeting, the fish back into the water. Ouch. 

Fish Abuse

It’s nice to see young people picking up hobbies like fishing. But what about illegal fishing?

A clip on Instagram page @tiagongg.sg showed a young man holding up a fish he caught with both hands. He seemed to have roughly yanked the fishing rod’s hook out of the fish’s mouth.

Afterwards, he yeeted, or strongly tossed the fish, back into the water. Is it really necessary to throw the fish like a basketball, when he could have simply gently dropped the fish back into the water?

The clip seems to have been a screen recording of an Instagram story by @patricklimfishing. However, that account seemed to have been deleted or disabled, since no results popped up when we enter than username in Instagram’s search box.

Many people have commented under this video, criticising this man for fish abuse.



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PUB Investigating 

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) stated that they are currently investigating the incident. They also confirmed that fishing is indeed not allowed at MacRitchie Reservoir, with notice boards on site reminding members of the public about this rule.

If you spot anyone fishing illegally, you can call 1800 284 6600 to report them. Offenders who are found fishing in the reservoir may face a fine of up to $3,000.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@tiagongg.sg)

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