iPhone History: From the First iPhone to iPhone X


Apple has been known for its gadgets, and one particular one stands out always – the iPhone. You could note it as one of the company’s most sellable and lovable product.

What with the revolutionary iPhone X in the market, it’s perhaps time to take a glance back at the beginnings of the iPhone, and how it reached its latest piece today.

Because, well, the original iPhone has become history. And that was just mere 10 years ago.

The Original iPhone – An iPod That Can Make Call and Do Something Known as “SMS”

Image: technobuffalo.com

10 years back, Apple brought out its most famous product. According to the late Steve Jobs, the iPhone was going to reinvent the phone and how people saw it too.

It came with a touchscreen and was pretty similar in functions to a computer. There was no GPS, video recording and third-party app features as yet. Just an iPod that could make calls and SMS.

And just so you know, during that time, Nokia and Blackberry were so popular, no one would bat an eye if you carry one of those bad-asses around then.

And oh, did anyone realize that there was only SMS and no WhatsApp? That’s because WhatsApp was first introduced to the mass market in 2009.

How the heck did we survive the dinosaur age?

The 3G Version – The REAL 3G

In 2008, iPhone’s 3G model hit the market. This time, it had fast data speed to boot. There was also the launch of the App Store, and this is when the iPhone sales really hit the roof.

App leh. Apps were so new and so damn cool then.

The iPhone 3GS came out a year later, with its S standing to mean speed. It was the first “S” model with video recording and voice control features.

And if you’re wondering whether 3G refers to 3G…yes. 3G refers to 3G. Back in the years when 12 GB of data were common, and WhatsApp were still in its mother’s womb.

iPhone 4 Comes Along Even When 3G Stays

Image: wikipedia.org

This baby brought in some major changes. It came in at 2010, looking more square and modern, much more like the iPhone we’re used to now. Its screen came with Retina display that supposedly could stop a bullet (no, just kidding, but you get the idea).

There was then a front-facing camera – something that people had always wanted after selfie became a trend. Oh, you could now multi-task on the smartphone too. Everyone went apeshit, because #selfie and #multitask (of course, not to mention Android phones were already doing those)

4S came with a 8 megapixel camera and the earlier version of Siri in 2011. Anyone remember Siri?


About the Fives, When Big is Good-er

Image: Denys Prykhodov / Shutterstock.com

Oh yeah, then iPhone failed its IPPT and started growing sideways (and taller, too).

iPhone 5s had the longest screen compared to its predecessors, allowing for more icons to appear on the home screen. There was also a change in the charging system – hello lightning cable!

The case of the phone was also lighter, thanks to an aluminium casing. Apple Maps were replaced by Google Maps (Haha). 5C models came in different colours, but that was the last anyone saw of them.

5S offered a better colour selection compared to 5C, as well as the introduction of Touch ID. A 64-bit A7 processor was added to boost the phone’s performance. People then started to joke about the bigger phone, and soon, it was no longer funny…

What about 6-ers?

Image: Zeynep Demir / Shutterstock.com

It ballooned like siao, because every phone out there has unhealthy BMI.


6 and 6 Plus came out together in 2014, with an increase in the display size to 4.7 inches, as well as enhanced visual and camera features.

As for 6 Plus, it had a 5.5 inch display – the biggest iPhone at that time. 6S was born a year later, but with minor differences to the previous 6 models as far as looks went.

On the operating end, it was huge. You could have Live Photos, as well as use Force Touch.

iPhone 7 & Iphone 5SE Because #China

Image: Anna Hoychuk / Shutterstock.com

Last year, we saw iPhones 5SE and 7.

For 5SE, its size was similar to 5, but with slightly upgraded features and a cheaper price tag. The reason for Apple to “devalue” their new product is all business: they’re eyeing for a slice of the pie in China. It doesn’t seem to work, though, as their next launch didn’t include a low-end phone.

The iPhone 7 has a brand new camera, longer battery life, a vibrant display, great speakers and finally, a water resistant phone. Also, this could well be the iPhone that most of us are using.


But of course, things are about to get a little more complicated this month.

iPhone 8, 8 Plus and eXpensive

Image: theverge.com

Imagine an iPhone that’s sleek and powerful. There’s a tiered system this time round – one that’s better than the older models, and one that’s elevated to a whole different ballgame.

iPhone X is the most expensive phone by Apple, and it comes with an edge-to-edge OLED screen, facial recognition tech and a vivid colour display.

All the new phones comes with a A11 bionic chip, which can now support augmented reality applications AND can be charged via Qi standard tech – aka wirelessly.

iPhone 11, when Retro is Hot

Image: websitesforsaleworld.co.uk

After a commissioned study by Apple that shows that a whopping 90% of hipsters in the world now prefer retro stuff, Apple upped their game in their design and released the iPhone 11 to worldwide fanfare: costing about $1,800, the latest iPhone can finally make calls again, doing the job a phone has failed in the last few years: connecting people.


Okay, I made this up.

Now, whether you’re an iPhone fan or a hater, you can’t deny this: Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and many others have come and gone, but iPhone remains on the throne.

So you can expect an iPhone XI for sure.

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