Jacqueline Wong is Unofficially ‘Unbanned’ & She Might be Back in 2021

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Back in 2019, Jacqueline Wong found her career practically forced to a standstill after her affair with Sammi Cheng’s husband, Andy Hui, was leaked to the public.

She lost projects, her boyfriend and even had to pay for damages.

Well, it seems that Jaqueline Wong, while never being “officially” banned, is now unofficially “unbanned” by TVB, the Hong Kong broadcasting station.

Jacqueline Wong is Unofficially ‘Unbanned’ & She Might be Back in 2021

According to 8Days, TVB played the clip of The Offliners at the TVB Programme Presentation 2021.

The programme presentation is like a teaser to TVB’s 2021 shows.

Not only that, two closeups of the actresses were included in the lineup, a far cry from last year and this year where TVB decided not to let Wong show up on screen to appease the angry public.

Previously, The Offliners was supposed to air back in Nov 2019 but was shelved because of Wong’s scandal.

Seeing as how it’s included in the lineup for 2021, chances are, The Offliners might be (finally) making an appearance next year.

Of course, not everyone’s happy for Jacqueline Wong.

Unhappy Netizens

While netizens do tend to have short memories from time to time (do you remember what Amos Yee did recently?), it seems that when it comes to the Wong-Hui scandal, they’re not that quick to forget.

Or forgive.

Several netizens were mad at the broadcasting station’s actions.

“If you’re going to let her appear on TV so quickly, isn’t TVB telling us that they don’t care about their artistes being immoral? What does that say about the management’s values?” – via 8days

“I’ll change the channel if I see her appear on screen. The best kind of feedback we can give TVB is terrible ratings for every show that Jacqueline is in.” – via 8days

Some had even suggested that she should be banned from TV for life.

There are other netizens, however, who weren’t so quick to react negatively.

One pointed out that “acting” has nothing to do with character while another implored for people to think of the effort of the production team as well as her co-stars.


The Aftermath Of The Affair

Shortly after her affair was leaked to the world, Wong didn’t have a good time.

Labelled a homewrecker, viewers were unhappy to see her on-screen.

This led to her losing her drama to her good friend, having her parts on TV clipped away or reshot completely, and she even had to leave Hong Kong for a while.

There were even rumours that she became a property agent although it was subsequently denied.

Just recently in July 2020, it was reported that TVB is going to place an additional clause within their contract which will limit their artiste’s behaviour.

If they broke the contract terms, they might be called on to pay back any financial loss caused by their actions.

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