Jay Chou ‘Suan-ed’ Paparazzi That Were Stalking Him When He was in a Chanel Outlet


Some of us might have encountered celebrities on the street before, but most of us probably haven’t had one tell us that they’ll buy anything that we want from a luxury goods store.

But that’s exactly what Mandopop star Jay Chou told the paparazzi after he was spotted in Chanel with his wife, Hannah Quinlivan, at a Chanel store along Heping Road in Taipei.

Here’s what happened.

Was Accompanying Wife in Luxury Stores

Chou, who was spotted with Quinlivan in their Lamborghini Urus along Heping road, was also seen browsing items in luxury stores with his wife on Thursday (8 December) afternoon.

The Lamborghini was a present that Quinlivan had gifted Chou for his 40th birthday.

Quinlivan, who was barefaced without makeup that day, was ushered into the VIP lounge of the Chanel outlet while Chou entered soon after.

In the store, sales assistants were seen busily packing multiple goods as the couple chose the items they wanted to purchase.

Upon realising that the paparazzi were sneakily taking pictures of him, he humorously told them that they didn’t need to take photos of him sneakily.

He even jokingly invited them into the Chanel store to choose a few items they liked, and he would pay for them as his wife is acquainted with the brand as their brand ambassador for Taiwan.

Of course, that’s assuming that the paparazzi can enter the store.

Responded to Comments that He’s “Fatter in Real Life”

Apart from that, netizens also commented that Chou looked less slim in real life than in the photos he recently uploaded on social media.


To that, he insisted that he merely looks fatter due to the clothes that he was wearing and said that fans would be able to see that he has genuinely slimmed down when they watch him perform in Singapore in a few days.

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Upcoming Concert in Singapore

In a few days, Chou will be slated to perform at the National Stadium as part of the Singapore stop of his Jay Chou Carnival World Tour.

He will be holding two concerts this weekend on 17 and 18 December, and the 43-year-old Taiwanese singer-songwriter said that fans would be able to see his new leaner figure and face for real through the big screens at the concert since they do not enhance his figure.

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Featured Image: The Internet