Jay Chou Appears to Throw Shade at People Who Complained About His S’pore Concert


You’re probably living under a rock if you didn’t know that Jay Chou’s Singapore concert was a letdown. 

After all, his Insta was flooded with criticism.

Well, in his recent concert in Malaysia, he subtly revealed that the feeling goes both ways with Singapore. 

Jay Chou Appears to Throw Shade at People Who Complained About His S’pore Concert

On Monday (16 January), a TikTok video showed a snippet of Jay Chou’s recent concert in Malaysia. 

As part of his Carnival World Tour, this concert also took place in Singapore. For context, the one held here last year wasn’t well-received by fans, unlike what was shown in the video. The Malaysian fans clearly had a whale of a time. 

In the video, he threw shade at the SG fans twice. 

Firstly, he asked the fans how the concert acoustics were. Pausing to chit-chat with the fans, he sarcastically asked: “Is there anything wrong with the stadium’s sound system?” With a resounding “No” throughout the stadium, he then asked: “So, can you hear my voice clearly?”


For those who don’t know, Singapore’s concertgoers were so pissed at his event because his voice wasn’t clear throughout the concert. 

So, that’s the first dig he took; let’s look at the next one. 

In the video, he told fans he would sing more songs for them. 

“I’m singing so many more songs. Isn’t it just for my Malaysian friends?”

Seemingly, this was in response to complaints that his concert in Singapore was too short, being only two hours long. 

Here is the full video of the shade:

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Singaporean Fans Not Happy

I’d be lying if I said SG’s fans were unhappy with only the SG concert. Turns out, after Jay’s shade, they’re pissed at Malaysia’s concert as well. 

One fan explained that Jay’s words responded to Singapore’s lack of appreciation for the concert. 

Image: TikTok (@leronetan)

Some also pointed out that it was clear shade he was throwing.

Image: TikTok (@leronetan)
Image: TikTok (@leronetan)

Others, however, weren’t so PC (politically correct) with their words, choosing to lambast him again outrightly. 

Image: TikTok (@leronetan)
Image: TikTok (@leronetan)

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Featured Image: TikTok (@leronetan)

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