Jeff Ng Cancelled Another Performance That Was Scheduled Today (4 July) at 5pm

Everyone first heard of Jeff Ng as the guy who rose to fame busking outside the Cathay building.

However, with more fame comes more public scrutiny, and Jeff has been under fire for multiple scandals, including being a bad ex-boyfriend and being rude to his fans.

He has since cancelled his busk last Saturday after these allegations came to light, and it seems like he’s cancelling yet another performance that was scheduled for today.

Scheduled Performance at Dhoby Ghaut

Local buskers like Jeff must apply for a venue and time on the National Arts Council website for their performances.

According to the website, Jeff was supposed to perform at Dhoby Ghaut today (4 July) from 5pm to 10pm, but cancelled it.

And no, unlike the previous cancellation, he didn’t set his Instagram to public and post any stories, so we don’t know why he cancelled the performance.

But given the many allegations surrounding him now… well, no one can fault him for wanting to stay out of the limelight for a while.

Or maybe it’s due to COVID-19. Who knows.

Upcoming Performances on 9 and 16 July

According to the National Arts Council website, Jeff is scheduled to perform at Handy Road’s open space (his usual busking spot) on 9 and 16 July, from 7pm to 10pm.

As of writing, these performances have not been cancelled.

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Cancelled Performance on 2 July

He was scheduled to perform on 2 July, but cancelled it.

His Instagram story about the cancellation cited rising COVID-19 cases and being a close contact as reasons for not performing.

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