Everything You Need to Know About Jeff Ng, the Cathay Busker Who Has Gone as Viral as Uncle Raymond


Last Updated on 2022-06-28 , 3:11 pm

A while back, we wrote about the rising and viral TikTok dance phenomenon that was Uncle Raymond.

You can know more about him here:

In summary, he was a well-meaning guy who wanted to spread happiness and connection in Singapore.

But recently, you’d probably seen videos of a busker attracting massive crowds outside The Cathay.

(People even went to the extent of performing gymnastics just to get a glimpse of that singer.)


yes i was that idiot 🥲 rlly wanted to see him but i was too short so… it was so good tho 🥲🥲 #jeffngbusking #jeffng #tiktoksg

♬ original sound – nix🙃 – nix🙃

If you are wondering who that singer is, the singer is known as Jeff Ng.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Singaporean busker who has gone viral online.

If you prefer to watch a video about him instead, here’s a two-minute summary:

Love for Singing Started with Music

The busker’s foray into singing started with his love for music first.

According to 8days, the singer was exposed to music first through the music lessons involving the keyboard in secondary school.

After winning a Chinese singing competition that was organised by Ark Music school, Ng was rewarded with three months of free music lessons.

Here, the singer began to learn how to play the keyboard beyond school.

First Sang at Café

After mastering the keyboard, Ng’s stint as a busker commenced when he was inspired by a teacher who taught in the day and sung at night.

The teacher would sing at a cafe, The Ark Café, which the singer later got a job at while he was waiting for his polytechnic semester to start.

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As he worked as a waiter, Ng realised he loves singing because he would sing along to the tunes performed at the café as he worked.


Eventually, Ng got his own spotlight when he succeeded in his audition with the café to perform as a singer at 19 years old.

The café was where Ng started to learn how to play and sing as a performer.

Busking Started in 2018 Before Pandemic

Before performing at The Cathay, the singer performed at the now-gone Chinatown Food Street.

Ng was invited to sing by the Chinatown Food Street Organisation and Singapore Tourism Board where he performed for two months.

The stint eventually lasted for two years before Ng was forced to stop with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Beforehand, Ng worked as a bar singer and would also perform at weddings and corporate events.

Works Full-Time as a Music Instructor

When Ng isn’t busking, the 32-year-old works as a freelance music teacher with Ark Music School.

The busker specialises in Keyboard & Vocal lessons which range from beginner to advanced classes.

Participated in Voice of China Season 3

The singer also had his fair share of exposure to mainstream media as a participant of the China reality television singing show The Voice of China.

Even though he didn’t win, Ng managed to bag a spot in the Top 22 participants for the show in 2014.

Known to Cover Mandopop Songs

The main reason that could be attributed to Ng’s growing popularity is due to his amazing covers of well-known Mandopop songs.


His busking includes doing covers of famous singles sung by Jay Chou and JJ Lin.

In addition, many netizens have commented on the uncanny resemblance Ng’s singing style has with that of Singaporean singer JJ Lin.

Some of the songs that Ng has performed are Those Adventurous Dreams of Yours by JJ Lin and Orange Jasmine by Jay Chou.

More song covers of other Chinese songs can also be found on his official Instagram page.

Partner is also a Singer with Ng

As if Ng’s life couldn’t be more musical enough, his wife is also a great singer.


(Talk about a match made in heaven for sure.)

In his social media posts, the busker has done covers with his partner such as a Christmas medley recording in December 2021.

His partner goes by the name of Zona and has an amazing voice as well.

The blessed pair got married in June 2021 prior Ng’s rise to fame as a busker this year on TikTok.

Oh, and if you can’t get enough of Jeff, fret not; he might be holding a concert in August.

The Cathay might be closing, but Jeff is just getting started.

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