New Video of Jeff Ng ‘Demanding’ Fans Not to Chat While He Sings Surfaces


With Jeff Ng’s sudden rise to fame due to his busking sessions outside the Cathay building, more information about the singer has come out into the light, both good and bad.

Whether it’s Jeff being a cheating and possessive boyfriend, sexual allegations, or how he tracks his Instagram follower statistics like a university student with a severe case of FOMO (Fear Of Losing Out), it’s all been there.

It’s quickly becoming clear that all which glitters is not gold.

Jeff “Demanding” His Fans Not To Chat

During one live session, it appears that his dislike for people chit-chatting whenever he’s singing is true.


You are only allow to listen, no chit chatting is allowed. Damn joke. #jeffhellomusic #jeffbyebyemusic #fyp #tiktoksg #busker #jeffng

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Around the 30-second mark, he says in Mandarin: “I know all of you are here to listen to the songs. Listening is okay, but try not to chat… It’s alright for you to talk, you can talk after I’m done with this livestream.”

He later adds, “You can talk, but you’re harming others.”


Honestly, it’s quite strange for a livestreamer to tell his Chat to, well, not chat.

It’s like a singer hosting a live concert and stopping his fans from singing along. Oh wait—

The re-poster, @thetruthexposed, is of the same sentiment as the video description writes, “You are allowed to listen, no chit chatting is allowed. Damn joke.”

Truth Behind the Tales

Among the damning accusations thrusted onto Jeff Ng, one that stands out the most, and was partially confirmed by the singer himself, was the fact that he dislikes singing at restaurants or bars because he found that the environment was too noisy.

According to a Facebook user Khim Ng, no major live bars would ever dare to hire him.

He may have his voice and performance down to a pat, but he’s bad with audience interactions.

She writes that Jeff still doesn’t understand that “people go to bars with live music to ENJOY and PARTY with your music and their company of friends, not WATCH YOUR CONCERT QUIETLY.”

She also alleges that he scolds his patrons for “making noise” during his sets.

All in all, Jeff appears to really want people to appreciate his artistry—which, fair, there’s nothing wrong with that—but stifling the way his audience vocalises their appreciation is plain rude.

In fact, it’s quite unbefitting of a singer, and really strange.

But then again, it was this dislike that drove him to busking in the streets, feeling that it was a location that was more suitable in.

Bonus, he would stay out of the hairs of the bosses he proclaimed to be too loud.

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Netizens’ Response

With the ironclad proof of his ridiculous expectations of his audience, the netizens who tuned in were naturally unhappy.

It’s fine if you hate noise in real life, but chat is just… scrolling text.


If it bothers you so much, turn off the notification sounds or ignore the screen altogether? He has clearly never been at the mercy of text-to-speech donations.


One netizen called him for being passive-aggressive while pretending to be polite.

Others just mocked him for thinking too highly of himself.

Another TikTok user wondered why his behaviour was so strange, pointing out that other streamers would usually go out of their way and stop singing in order to chat with their fans and build a rapport.

After all, you can only maintain fame if you are able to consolidate it.

Jeff Ng seems to be going the opposite trajectory with his holier-than-thou attitude as he tells viewers who are more occupied with chatting than his singing to leave.


Eh, there are singers out there who are as good as him, and more receptive towards the audience’s chatting.

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