Song Joong-ki Has Apparently Been With His Wife for 3 Years & Lived With Her Since Last Year


It turns out that Song Joong-ki’s new romance wasn’t supposedly out of nowhere after all, as new information about his marriage has been revealed.

3-Year Relationship

Just recently, it was announced that Song Joong-Ki was already married to his then-girlfriend-now-wife, Katy Louise Saunders. The shock doesn’t stop there; turns out she’s actually pregnant with their child.

The announcement was made on his official fan café, where he expressed how wonderful of a person she is, and how much he’s looking forward to his newly-wed life with her.

And as if his fans haven’t recovered from the bombardment of back-to-back updates, turns out that his relationship with Saunders wasn’t as short as we thought.

According to Dispatch, the South Korean media agency uncovered some juicier insider details about the couple’s relationship.

The pair have actually been seeing each other for close to three years, and they started cohabiting together last year.

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Insider details

It was reported that the couple met in Italy right after Song wrapped up filming for the dark crime Netflix drama Vincenzo in 2021.

For reference, the Song-Song couple broke up and finalized their divorce in July 2019. The officially cited reason for the split was due to “differences in personality”, which both were unable to overcome.

So, assuming that they know each other for almost three years, they most likely became acquainted in 2019-2020, sometime right after the divorce.

Talk about moving on. Looks like someone did it a little too fast.

There were also some rumors speculating that Saunders, who spent her earlier years in Italy, was Song’s Italian teacher. Surprisingly, it was been verified that her teachings were not intended for his role in Vincenzo.

Hmmm… more mystery to the mystery.

Currently, the couple has been temporarily residing in Song’s luxury house located in Itaewon, Seoul since last year.

Image: Dispatch

They will soon move into their new condo in the Eterno Chengdam Estate, located in Gangnam District, in December this year.

The lavish building is said to cost around 15 billion KRW (~S$15.9 million).

Image: Allkpop
Image: Allkpop
Image: Allkpop

Regardless of what the relationship is like between the two, it seems like Song is determined to treat her right.

Totally not mad or jealous or anything.

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