Man Who Sued Woman For “Friendzoning” Runs Company Involved in Multiple Police Reports

By now, you’ve already heard that a man is suing a woman for a whopping $3 million for friendzoning him. You can know more about the case here:


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Specifically, the man alleged that the woman caused “damage to his stellar reputation” by rejecting his advances, causing “trauma, depression and impacts” to his life.

If you’ve heard of horror stories regarding people who couldn’t handle being “friendzoned”, this is probably a nightmare turned into reality. 

However, did you know that the man also runs a company currently involved in multiple police reports?

The man, Mr K. Kawshigan, is the CEO of D1 Racing, a company that specialises in drone racing and sports.

However, D1 Racing has recently come under fire for incidents regarding the cancelled New Year’s Eve party at Siloso beach

Multiple Police Reports Filed Against D1 Racing

Remember the Siloso beach party that didn’t happen?

Its organiser was none other than D1 Racing, which Mr Kawshigan is the CEO of.

The New Year’s Eve beach party was supposed to usher in the new year with a blast.

However, three days before the event, D1 Racing sent out an email to its ticket holders stating that the party was cancelled.

Apparently, the reason for its cancellation was that DJ Jade Rasif could not perform that night. Her replacement, Amber Na, was unable to perform as well. 

In the email, D1 Racing gave ticket holders a redemption code to claim a free ticket for the party to be held the following year and stated that it was currently exploring “the possibility of a refund”.

However, not everyone wanted to attend the event next year, prompting ticket holders to email D1 Racing to ask for a refund.

The prices for the party weren’t cheap. The party pass was already $88, while the VIP passes went for $128 and $168.

Furthermore, VIP holders were promised exclusive benefits like access to air-conditioned zones and free alcohol.

When the company failed to reply, many filed police reports against it.

D1 Racing Allegedly Used DJ Jade Rasif’s Images in Promotions without her Permission

There’s another reason why D1 Racing is currently under fire.

Besides drone shows, one of the party’s other selling points was that it would feature celebrity DJs such as Rave Republic, Jade Rasif and Simon Patterson.

Moreover, those with top-tier tickets were supposed to have the opportunity to mingle with the DJs.

However, according to The Straits Times, Rasif only found out that she was one of the featured acts from D1 Racing’s Facebook promotion of the event.

She had then asked D1 Racing for payment and assurance that it had the necessary licences for the event and didn’t confirm her attendance.

She pulled out of the event after realising that there were inaccuracies in the contract she had been given.

Furthermore, D1 Racing had used Rasif’s photos in its promotions even though she did not give the company permission to do so. 

Though the company had been reminded numerous times to remove them, the photos remained.

Developments in the Saga

There have been developments in the case since the news first came out on Tuesday.

Ms Nora Tan, the woman Mr Kawshigan sued for $3 million, has countersued him.

Not only is she claiming $474.89 for the digital door viewer, alarm sensor and video doorbell she installed as a result of his actions, but she is also claiming about $1000 for the counselling sessions she had participated in with Mr Kawshigan for one and a half years.

Mr Kawshigan has also been ordered by the court to pay $14,000 in legal costs to Ms Tan. 

In addition, Ms Tan is also claiming a sum for her counselling sessions, though the amount has not been specified. 

Ms Tan has denied defaming Mr Kawshigan and has obtained an expedited protection order against him.

It will be effective until her long-term personal protection order application has gone through.

Besides lodging a magistrate’s complaint against him, Ms Tan has also begun harassment proceedings against Mr Kawshigan.

There will be a pre-trial hearing next Thursday regarding the matter. 

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AWARE’s Response

With this piece of news occupying the minds of many Singaporeans, women’s advocacy group AWARE has given its opinion on the situation.

In an Instagram post that has garnered over 3,320 likes in only a day, AWARE stated, “Women do not owe men their time or attention, much less their friendship, love, sexual activity or emotional labour.”


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In the post’s caption, AWARE added, “Concepts such as the ‘friendzone’ – which imply that women should by default be sexually attracted to the men in their lives – are part of this spectrum of male entitlement.”

The post has been reposted numerous times on both Instagram and Facebook.

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