Project Superstar Winner Kelvin Tan is Married With a Girl He Met at Goalball

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Wedding bells have been ringing rather loudly for the past few months.

Several celebrities have been on a roll getting engaged and holding weddings. First, we had Rebecca Lim, and then Desmond Tan. Now, another public figure is in line.

Back in October two years ago, Kelvin Tan revealed that he was engaged with his then-girlfriend of two years.

Yup, I’m talking about that Kelvin Tan who won Project Superstar in 2005.

In the past, Tan refused to reveal more details about his significant other to the media.

Presumably to keep her out of the public eye.

As such, all we knew was that they have been together for about two years. Additionally, we know that the duo had applied for a build-to-order (BTO) flat together.

But now, it looks like things are official.

Tied the knot with his fiancé

On Sunday (2 Jan), Kelvin’s management agency, Mode Entertainment, shared a number of pictures of Tan and his wife. They announced that the singer has tied the knot.

Yesterday (3 Jan), Kelvin had also updated his Facebook relationship status to “Married Inez Huang”.

How cute. Guess you can say they are now “Facebook official”.

While not much is disclosed about Tan’s wife, her Facebook profile indicates that she is currently working at National University Hospital.

Couple met each other through goalball

Lest you’re unaware, goalball is a team sport introduced in 1946 designed specially for the visually impaired.

Played in teams of three, players will try to roll a ball tied with bells into the opposing team’s goal. Defenders may use the sound of the bells as a gauge to block those attempts away.

And according to the first few posts that Kelvin was tagged in on Facebook, that was exactly how he first met his wife.


In 2015 ASEAN Paralympic Games, Kelvin represented Singapore in this sport. Not only so, his wife Inez is also currently a member of Singapore’s women’s goalball team.

In a media release in 2021 from the Singapore Disability Sports Council, Inez’s team also won the team of the year award.


Kelvin was a guest singer recently on SPOP

In December last year, Kelvin made a guest appearance as a singer on the final episode of SPOP WAVE.

SPOP Wave is a local Chinese singing reality competition. It featured eight celebrities competing live in front of Singapore while facing various judges in the music industry.

For example, someone like Kelvin himself.


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Featured Image: Facebook (Angelia Ong)

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