KFC Now Having ‘Overflowing Zinger’ With Curry & Sambal Sauce

If you’ve been craving fast food but find all the existing options on the market too boring, here’s something for you.

And if you’ve been following KFC’s Facebook page recently, you might have seen this:

I’m not drooling, you are.

Yup, after the Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco, KFC’s back with an all-new main.

And if you’re wondering what the newest addition, the Currycano Zinger, consists of, here’s all you need to know about it.

With a Hot & Spicy Zinger filet, sliced cheese and sambal sauce sandwiched between two oat bran buns, it might seem like your typical sambal-flavoured burger.

But there’s more.

The burger also comes with a hash potato “cup” and a tub of KFC curry on the side.

I mean, you can’t name a burger “Curry-something” and not have curry in it, right?

According to KFC, you’re supposed to pour the curry into the hash cup, and while you can pour in any amount that you want, diners are encouraged through KFC’s Facebook videos to pour the curry until it overflows from the “cup”.

Which means you’ll have an entire burger drenched in curry, perfect for all curry lovers.

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An a la carte Currycano burger will cost $7.20.

And if you’re looking for some sides or drinks to go along with your meal, the burger will also be available in terms of a meal, box and buddy meal set, with the prices ranging from $9.20 to $20.95.

The Currycano Zinger meal, priced at $9.20, includes the burger, a medium-sized pack of wedges and a regular drink.

The Currycano Zinger box, which costs $11.20, includes the burger, a piece of KFC chicken, a regular-sized pack of wedges, a regular-sized whipped potato and a regular drink.

Last but not least, the Currycano Zinger Buddy Meal, priced at $20.95, includes the burger, three pieces of KFC chicken, a box of six nuggets, two regular-sized whipped potatoes and two regular drinks.

And if you’re already grabbing your wallet, here’s where you can get the burger.

Other than the outlets at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Polytechnic (SP), and Singapore Zoo, the Currycano burger will be available islandwide.

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Featured Image: Facebook (KFC)