KFC S’pore is Now the First Fast-Food Chain to Remove Fries Temporarily

It’s possible that potato supply-chain shortages have forced the hand of Colonel Sanders.

For an unspecified temporary period of time, KFC has removed their option for french fries, replacing it with wedges instead.

The official statement from KFC stated that the fries were away on “annual leave” to “find themselves” (sound familiar?) and in the meantime, potato wedges would step up to cover for the shifts of the long-(t)oiling French Fry.

Say Hi to the New Kid on the Block

In a stroke of personification, the wedges gave an email-form self-introduction. There are three variations to the potato wedges – Wedges, Cheese Wedges, and Golden Cheddar Wedges.

You might be wondering what the difference is, especially between the last two.

Wedges are plain potato wedges, Cheese Wedges are covered with the cheese powder reminiscent of the sort you find on potato chips, while the Golden Cheddar Wedges have cheese sauce, sour cream and scallions laden upon them like the traditional and iconic KFC cheese fries.

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As much as we mourn the temporary passing of the well-loved French fries, we can take this opportunity to try out something new – especially for a double cheese overload when you pair it with KFC’s newest innovation, the Mac & Cheese Kentaco.

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Featured Image: Patcharaporn Puttipon2465 (Shutterstock)