Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo To Donate Remaining Running Man Salary


It seems like Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo are staying on to the end of Running Man not because they want the job, but they want the show to come to a great finale.

After the duo was allegedly kicked out from Running Man, leading one thing to another, the show was cancelled, with a chief producer allegedly being blamed for the entire controversy.

In an incident that took less than a week to unfold, the duo had met up secretly with the other members to discuss the issue, and Song Ji Hyo allegedly cries alone and stayed out of contact for days. The last episode has been confirmed to be aired in the end of February 2017.

So, essentially, with Kim Kong Kook and Song Ji Hyo out, they need not come back for the rest of the season—but they did, in a fashion that showed why people had loved the members so much.

Song Jihyo’s agency said yesterday (19 December 2016) that both of them would be donating their income for their remaining Running Man appearances. Here’s their statement: “Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook have agreed to collect their income from the appearance fees that they will receive starting from next week to the end of the program in February to give to the public.”

 The beneficiary of the donation has not been decided yet, though.

And since yesterday is Monday, there’s supposed to be a filming, but it’s cancelled because of this issue that has shaken the entertainment industry.

They’re, however, scheduled to resume filming next week. Guess it’s going to be awkward for all of them.

But at least, Song Ji Hyo is going to have her own show 🙂

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