Jay Chou-Endorsed Sandwich Shop Closure Wasn’t ‘Authorised’; Will Come Back Later This Year


If you’re lamenting over the fact that Liang Sandwich Shop, Jay Chou’s supposedly favourite place, has closed before you get to try it, you can stop now.

Because it’s official that the closure wasn’t official. See what I did there?

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about…

Here’s A Quick Refresher

Image: Klook / Agoda

On 18 Feb, various media outlets reported on the sudden closure of Liang Sandwich Shop.

All outlets in Singapore were shuttered and their latest Facebook post was back in 2019 during the Halloween period.

Even HungryGoWhere listed all the outlets as “Closed”.

Turns Out, It’s Not Official

CEO of master franchisee LIANG Group of Companies came out to clarify matters.

In his statement, he said that the closure was decided upon “solely” by the local franchisee.

They did not consult nor get permission to close from the “Brand Principal” or them.

The local franchise has been “censured” and they have taken the appropriate steps to resolve the matter.

Closure Will Not Be Permanent

The closure, he added, has caused Liang Sandwich Bar to be reflected in a bad light, which is “deeply concerning”.

He apologises to customers in Singapore for the disruption and assures that the closure is not permanent.

They Were Actually In The Midst Of A Transformation

Since Jul 2019, Liang Sandwich Bar has been undergoing the process of rebranding to “Liang Crispy Roll 粮手抓”.

Outlets in China, South Korea, Australia and Malaysia have already started implementing the brand change in stages.

Indonesia and the Philippines are the next to start.


With the sudden closure, the brand’s efforts to be transformed has been “impeded”.

However, he was quick to assure that the rebranding is still on track to debut in Singapore by end-2020.

Besides rebranding, they will also be launching in several new countries, including New York, Chicago, London, Melbourne, Seoul and Manila in the second quarter of 2020.

Jay Chou Still Love Liang Lah

And, of course, you are still going to see Jay Chou loving the Liang brand, be it a sandwich bar or a crispy roll.

Image: 8days

He is still the ambassador of the brand.


So I guess fans in Singapore don’t have to travel all the way to JB just to get themselves some of this delicious roti prata liao.

liang sandwich bar
Image: Gifer