Live Out Your Fantasies of Beauty and The Beast at This Fancy Teatime Experience

Want to feel like Belle in Beauty and the Beast? Well, nobody makes a fancy tea experience like Gaston Town House at The Kensington, in London.

Yeah, that was the bad news. This is in London.

However, there are some really nice pictures of the place! Silver linings, amirite?

The Town House at The Kensington is offering a special Afternoon Tea set from now till June, Tale as Old as Time. The whole set is tailored after the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, in celebration of the release of the upcoming live-action film, starring Emma Watson.

Everything from the food to the silverware is designed after elements from the 1991 animated film by Disney. Tea is served with a teapot modelled after Mrs. Potts, poured into teacups that look like Chip.

There’s a vanilla and gold jelly served upside down in a shot glass, with a rose petal suspended inside, referencing the rose from the film. A chocolate tart shaped like Cogsworth and little models of other characters like Lumiere and a bigger Cogsworth finish the cast.


But that’s not all. There are cookies shaped like Belle’s dress, and assorted pastries like mini venison pie, cheese soufflé, beef ragu, saffron arancini and various sandwiches. Instead of the traditional scone ubiquitous in English Afternoon Teatime, The Town House is offering Marie’s sweet brioche baguette, referencing the local baker from Belle’s hometown in the story.


For bonus style points, show up to the place in full cosplay of Beauty and the Beast, to fully immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere!

Unfortunately, even if you happen to be in London right now, or are planning to go to London anytime soon, the Tale as Old as Time set is currently sold out all the way to June. However, all is not lost. The Town House has announced that they will be releasing more dates for the set on social media, so keep a look out!

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