Daughter Looking for a Liver Donor in S’pore for Her Cancer-Stricken Dad


Every life is precious, and a daughter is searching for someone willing to save her father’s life.

Here are the details.

Dad Diagnosed With Liver Cancer

A woman in Malaysia who goes by the name Huileng Tan posted on Facebook on 15 March, hoping to spread the word and find a donor.

Her father was diagnosed with liver cancer earlier on in 2022, when he displayed symptoms like low-grade fever, jaundice (which is the yellowing of the whites of your eyes or skin), and significant weight loss.

While seeking treatment at the University of Malaya Medical Centre, the family was informed that her father has two tumours in his liver. Their initial plan was to surgically resect his tumours, but this was unsuitable because of a condition called liver cirrhosis, which means his liver had hardened.

The only treatment left is local chemotherapy, which would only slow down the growth of the tumour. His liver function would remain poor and is likely to get even worse, leaving him with only one or two more years to live.

The family then sought out treatment available in Singapore, and found out that not all hope was lost.

Liver Transplant in Singapore

Surgeons in Singapore suggested a liver transplant, which would have a much better outcome than chemotherapy.

Furthermore, Singapore’s National University Hospital (NUH) has an experienced transplant team equipped with advanced surgical techniques. This means that the surgery could have a success rate of over 95%.

As much as the family would be willing to donate their liver, the daughter’s blood type is AB while her mom’s blood type is A. As her father’s blood type is B, both of them are not suitable donors.

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Details for Liver Donors

As such, they’re looking for willing donors that fulfil the following criteria:

  • any healthy adult, regardless of gender and race
  • aged 21 to 55
  • blood type B or O
  • weighs 65 to 80kg

A part of the donor’s liver, either the right or left liver lobes, would be transplanted. Rest assured that the partial livers of both the donor and her father will grow back into complete livers in about 12 weeks, and they will function normally.

After the transplant, the liver donor would have to be hospitalised for three to seven days. The donor would also likely need to take four to 10 weeks off from work, with common side effect being fatigue and incision pain.

If you meet the criteria and is considering being a donor, you can message this lady on Facebook. Alternatively, you can contact the family at +60146062213 or +6590761205.

If you’re not considering being a donor but would still like to help, you can help to share this article to help this story reach more potential donors.


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Featured Image: Facebook (Huileng Tan)