Loan Shark Transferred Money to Wrong Account & Asked for It Back Hilariously


You guys all know how loan sharks are one of the lowliest life forms on earth, right? Let’s not talk about the people borrowing the money, since the reasons may vary.

However, you gotta admit that borrowing money from a loan shark isn’t exactly the smartest thing a person can do.

So, what would you do if you suddenly received $600 from an unknown person? Take a look at the post by this Facebook user.


Well, guess it’s obvious enough that this fella is a loan shark or a runner.

Anyway, it wasn’t long before another person claiming to be a boss whose worker had misused his funds contacted the Facebook user.


After the user refused to return the $600 to the people who had contacted her, they turned violent and threatened her.

Allow me to loosely translate the conversation above(in Singlish for added effects):

“Since u dont want return the money we no need talk so much liao. You better tell the police to protect your house 24/7. Remember, limpeh will go your house anytime. We are loan sharks(Identity confirmed!), not scammers. U want play we play with you lah”

“…you work at home one right? Kena burn alive then you know ah”


But damn, I’m pretty sure a normal person would’ve been intimidated by now. This lady has guts and the loan sharks can’t do shit.


I mean, she even called the loan shark “sai”, which means “shit”!

If you think that was all, you haven’t even seen the best part yet.

Not long after that, the incident was reported by Lianhe Wanbao, with the loan shark’s phone number being plastered all over the place.

After realizing that he’s in hot soup(probably), the loan shark’s tactic took a 180degrees change. Here, have a look:


…That’s a lot of things to translate and I’m a lazy person.

Basically, the loan shark is now begging like a puppy with the tail between its legs. He said that his boss has scolded him and is threatening to send him home(probably a foreigner then?).

He also asked for her forgiveness and said that he is young and ignorant. He then went on to say that this type of work isn’t suitable for him and his boss is putting a lot of pressure on him.

And here comes the best part.

He’s calling her “姐姐”,which translates to “big sister”


Whatever happened to burning her house down?


Anyway, in the latest update posted on 27 Dec, the user said that some fella identifying himself as “Alex” said that “Jacky” had already been fired and he’s paying the $600 from his own pocket.

She then went on to scold the loan sharks for treating her like an idiot and trying to make her transfer the $600 to their “customer”.

Geez, just how dumb can these loan sharks be? Then and again, they wouldn’t be loan sharks if they were a little smarter.

I’ve got a feeling that this isn’t the end of it. I really wanna know how this will end. Time to grab a box of popcorn and wait for updates!

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