Wife Manipulates Lover Into Sabotaging Husband’s Car Hoping To Cause His Death

In what seems to be a potential Netflix series, a woman teamed up with her lover and plotted to kill her husband.

Sounds highly impractical in real life since no one really wants to end up in jail for the rest of their lives, do they?

Guess they thought that they might’ve gotten away with it.

Spoiler alert: They didn’t.

Wife Manipulate Lover Into Sabotaging Husband’s Car Hoping To Cause His Death

It all began when Amanda Yeo Pei Min’s husband found out that she was being unfaithful and had a lover, Leong. She also became pregnant with Leong’s child.

Unsurprisingly, their marriage became rocky and was in “tatters”.

While most people would consult a marriage counsellor or try to fix things by themselves, she decided that eliminating her problem (her husband) would be the best option.

Hence, she came up with a plan with her boyfriend to sabotage her husband’s car so that he would be killed in a car crash.

The Plan

Yeo told her boyfriend, delivery assistant Leong Wei Guo, 25, to loosen the wheel bolts of Mr Walter Ting’s car and cut its brake wires.

(That’s very un-Netflix, though; all Netflix murders involve hacking into the car computer)

However, an eyewitness caught Leong behaving suspiciously at a carpark where the vehicle was parked on 11 January 2018.

The police were called by this quick-thinking person.

Officers then promptly arrived at the scene, arrested Leong and confiscated his mobile phone. They arrested Yeo soon after and uncovered the incriminating text messages on their mobile phones.

Leong and Yeo each pleaded guilty to plotting together to cause grievous hurt to Mr Ting by performing a rash act.

According to The Straits Times, Yeo and Leong have since broken up, while Yeo has divorced from her husband, Mr Ting.

Yeo Was Angry About Their Frequent Quarrels

Yeo frequently argued with Ting and was angry about it. She told her boyfriend that killing Mr Ting would “settle all her problems”.

Leong agreed as he wanted to prove that he was worthy of her love and wanted to make Yeo happy.

He used a pair of pliers to insert a nail into each of the car’s left tyres. As per Yeo’s instructions, Leong also later tried but failed to loosen the wheel bolts.

He also used a wire cutter to cut the anti-braking system wire behind the front right tyre and sent Yeo a picture of the end result.

That was when an eyewitness spotted him with a jacket covering his head and thought it was suspicious. The eyewitness then called the police which led to Leong’s arrest.

Leong and Yeo have been offered bail of $30,000 and will be sentenced on 11 March.

For committing the office, they could each be sentenced to up to a year’s jail and a maximum fine of $2,500.