Man Claims McDonald’s in Loyang Point is So Slow, He Waited Over 1 Hour for His Meal


More often than not, we patronise fast food chains when we don’t have enough time to enjoy a meal.

After all, fast food is supposed to be served, well, fast.

However, this man claimed that the McDonald’s outlet in Loyang Point did not live up to its name as a fast food chain.

In fact, he claimed that he had waited over an hour for his meal.

He was definitely not lovin’ it.

Slow Service

According to a Facebook post on Complaint Singapore, the incident occurred on 6 January 2023.

Image: Facebook (@Complaint Singapore)
Image: Facebook (@Complaint Singapore)
Image: Facebook (@Complaint Singapore)

The man was hungry and decided to patronise the McDonald’s outlet due to its promise of fast service.

He placed his order at about 9.40 pm and walked around the supermarket. He didn’t notice the size of the crowd at the collection point.

When he returned after 10 minutes, not only was his food not ready, but his order was still in the “Preparing” queue. 

The man said not only were delivery riders grumbling about waiting more than an hour, but the collection point was getting more crowded.

The man also said a few people asked for a refund.

Crew Allegedly only Focused on Delivery Orders

The man claimed that the manager and two other crew members were busy with the delivery orders.

Only one young crew member was left at the collection counter.

As customers grew impatient and asked about their orders, one female crew member allegedly threw food around and dropped baskets of pies and fries onto the floor.

The manager shouted at the crowd to “relax” in an attempt to calm them down. 

After 30 minutes, the man’s order was in the “Now Serving” queue. However, his order was nowhere in sight.


Ten minutes later, though his queue number was no longer on the screen, he still had not received his order.

In response to customer queries, the manager and crew responded with standard answers such as “I can help you check.”

The man cannot remember if the manager was polite due to his unbearable hunger and annoyance. 

Alleged Poor Food Handling Practices

Allegedly, the man saw crew members packing fries with only their bare hands.

Image: Facebook (@Complaint Singapore)

He also claimed that the crew didn’t use tongs to pack the pies.


They apparently also left burger boxes open when food was inside and even swept the floor while preparing food.

Image: Facebook (@Complaint Singapore)

Though he ordered at 9.40 pm, the man supposedly only got his food at 11 pm.

Similar Occurrences Across McDonald’s Outlets

The post garnered many different responses.

Some netizens shared the man’s annoyance.

Image: Facebook (@Complaint Singapore)

A few comments also related to the man’s experience at the McDonald’s outlet at Loyang Point.

Image: Facebook (@Complaint Singapore)

Some even elaborated on their similar experiences in other McDonald’s outlets.

Image: Facebook (@Complaint Singapore)

Back in 2022, another similar incident went viral on social media.

In a Facebook post, a delivery rider warned customers not to patronise the McDonald’s outlet at Tampines Mart due to its slow service.

In addition, the staff were allegedly rude, telling him to cancel his order after waiting for 45 minutes.

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Empathetic Responses

On the other hand, others were willing to give the staff the benefit of the doubt.

After all, it is common knowledge that McDonald’s crew members are overworked and underpaid.

Image: Facebook (@Complaint Singapore)

In addition, the man’s claims are only one side of the story.

Some pointed out that the outlet was clearly understaffed, and the man could not entirely blame the slow service on the crew members.

Image: Facebook (@Complaint Singapore)

McDonald’s has yet to comment on the situation.

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Featured Image: Facebook (@Complaint Singapore)