Man Forces His Intellectually Disabled Daughter to Perform Sex Acts on Him as ‘Apology’

There have been many cases of sexual-related cases in Singapore lately. From “wife-swapping” to rape, all these cases have seen the accused being brought to justice.

However, recently a father in Singapore was caught for making his intellectually-disabled biological daughter commit sexual acts on him on several occasions.

In 2020, the accused received various sexual acts from his daughter as a form of “apology” for things that she did “wrong”.

Committed Incest When Wife Was Out

According to CNA, the man pleaded guilty to two counts of committing incest on his daughter.

During the court session, it was mentioned that the victim was born prior to her parent’s marriage and lived with her maternal grandmother till she was 19.

She then moved in together with her parents in 2014.

The victim is intellectually disabled and epileptic but is a helpful individual who volunteers with the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS).

The first incident took place in 2019 when the man first exposed his private parts to his daughter in the name of giving her “sexual education”.

He then asked his daughter to perform a sexual act on him while his wife (the victim’s mother) was not around.

Sexual Acts as a Form of Apology

To get his daughter to continue performing more sexual acts on him, he would frequently scold her for small matters such as bringing a used face mask home and using the wrong spoon at the dinner table.

As an apology, the daughter would perform sexual acts on the accused.

In one incident, the victim told her father that she was in love with a particular K-pop band.

Thinking that it was an opportunity to get more sexual favours, he proceeded to show the victim pornographic materials.

After watching the videos, the accused asked the victim to perform sexual acts on him so that she is able to gain “experience”.

After performing an act, the accused would remind the victim to keep the incidents between themselves.

Confided in Training Officer

As time went on, his daughter felt that the accused was asking for sexual favours too frequently, which saddened her.

This eventually led to the victim confiding in her training officer at MINDS about the various incidents that had happened.

On the same day, the MINDS worker brought the victim to the police station to lodge a report.

The victim did not return home that day and was sent to a home for the disabled to stay.

In a report by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), it is stated that the victim understood her father’s actions were not right despite her disability but did not resist due to her being scared of incurring her father’s wrath.

However, another report which came out later showed that despite her disability, her judgement of the situations was not impaired by it.

Similarly, the accused was also brought to IMH for an examination, which concluded that he was diagnosed with depression, but it had no contributory link to the offences that were made.

Court Session

During the court sessions, Deputy Public Prosecutor Yvonne Poon asked the judge for seven to eight years’ of jail time for the accused.

Since there is no framework for Incest, the prosecutor used section 74A(2) of the penal code, which allows for enhanced punishment to fight the case.

The prosecutor then proceeded to talk about other factors which should be taken into account, such as abuse of trust, the victim’s vulnerability and the element of sexual grooming.

In response, defence lawyer Joshua Tong counters by saying that the case is based on incest offences, which is an offence committed consensually by two adults and that some of the points given by the prosecutor can only be used in non-consensual cases.

For example, abuse of trust cannot be used as a contributing factor in incest cases.

In addition to his counter-argument, the lawyer mentioned that the accused has been living in remorse since 2020 and knows that the actions that he has committed were wrong.

He goes on further to say that the accused pleads guilty to the charges given to him and will not contest them, asking for a fair trial.

However, in response to the lawyer’s statement, the prosecutor says that the accused smeared the relationship when he introduced sexual elements such as showing his private parts and pornography materials to his daughter.

Due to the judge being able to come up with a decision, the sentencing has been adjourned to 23 Dec 2022.

Sexual Cases in Singapore on the Rise

There have also been many mind-blowing sexual-related cases in Singapore lately, one of which is the case of three men “sharing” their wives.

Due to their sexual fantasies, three men took to an online platform to make a plan to rape each others’ wives, with a fourth man joining in as well.

They were caught and sentenced to 13.5 to 22 years of prison time.

In a separate incident, a 19-year-old man sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl while drunk.

After drinking too much, the 14-year-old went to the toilet to throw up, but she did not return to the bedroom where they were initially drinking at.

Finding it odd, the 19-year-old accused went to check on her and found her clothes soiled by her vomit. He then proceeded to undress her.

He slowly became aroused and penetrated the minor with his fingers. Upon coming out of the toilet, he told his 17-year-old friend about it.

A few months later, that same friend exposed him on social media, asking the accused to apologise for his wrongdoings. This led to the accused being caught by the police.

For sexually penetrating a minor, the accused can be jailed for up to 10 years or fined, or punished with both.

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