4 Men Who ‘Shared Wives’ Without Permission Sentenced Up to 22 Years in Prison


There’s a reason why fantasies are just fantasies.

And clearly, some people forget that there are reasons why people keep their fantasies as fantasies.

Horrible Everything 

On Wednesday (16 Nov), seven men who have been charged for sexual assault charges were sentenced to between 13.5 years and 22 years in prison.

The men met and were introduced to each other after meeting on the SammyBoy online forum and other online sites.

In the confidentially of their private and group chats, they shared their dreams of seeing another man having sex with their wives. Additionally, they shared explicit pictures or videos of their wives and partners with one another, as well as details about their personal sexual life.

Taking the whole disgusting mess further, three husbands, K, L, and M, aged 45, 53, and 45 years old respectively, had allowed another guy in gaining access to their respective partners before witnessing as the accomplice rape or attempted to rape the unconscious women.

K and M went even documented abuse on their partners, before showing the other guys the images and recordings.

Timeline of Events

Trigger Warning: A lot of rape. Do skip ahead if needed.

M, a company director, first conspired with Husband J, 41, to rape and sexually assault J’s wife while she was unconscious in 2010, and subsequently molest her the year after. This was also when Bachelor N, a 37-year-old food delivery worker, joined in the crime.

They then met K, who worked in business development. K allowed J to rape his wife while unconscious on three occasions between 2012 to 2013. In turn, K raped J’s wife in 2014 at J’s flat.

After the disgusting deed was done, K and J were amused at how it would be nice if other men “knock up” their wives.

Similarly, in 2013, L, a business development manager, conspired with J to rape J’s wife.

Fast forward to 2017, L conspired with his colleague P for P to rape his wife. However, L’s wife regained consciousness before the crime could be done.

The following year, M conspired with J to rape his then-ex-wife. M’s ex-wife had agreed to go to J’s flat, not knowing that she will be subsequently spiked.

Between 2017 and 2018, N and J conspired and raped J’s wife on two occasions between 2017 to 2018.

Somewhere around this horrendous timeframe,  another member was invited by L to rape L’s wife but did not succeed. The last member O is still contesting the charge against him for the rape of J’s wife.


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The Wives’ Woes

The crime was only busted on 1 January 2020 when J’s wife discovered explicit pictures of herself on his phone and realized that her husband and K had been “exchanging wives”.

The wives of both J and K provided the court with their victim impact statements, detailing how they felt upon learning that they had fallen victim to such an unspeakable crime.

When she initially uncovered what had happened to her,  K’s wife said that she “felt like dying”. In J’s wife’s statement, she mentioned how she “felt so hurt, angry, disappointed and overwhelmed by the sense of betrayal”, and that she’s “better off dead”.

Both had since decided to move on from this by shutting and numbing their emotions.

For the men’s crime, each of them are ordered to be given 20 strokes of the cane, with the exception of one who was above the age of 50 and therefore cannot be caned.


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