Man Caught on Video Urinating Just Outside S’pore Parliament House

Cities, like cats, will reveal themselves at night—

But this is the sort of revealing that I won’t be interested in seeing as one man captured another relieving themselves in front of the Parliament House.

Man Captured on Video on Saturday Night

The video of the man was uploaded to the Facebook group, Complaint Singapore.

According to the user, Niraj Agarwal, the incident took place on Saturday (4 June).

The video was accompanied with the caption: “He is peeing in front of the Parliament of Singapore on 4 June 2022 at around 2:30am! That’s really bad! No respect! Hope he can get caught soon!”

What Happened

In the video, the man was filmed standing by the curb located just outside the Parliament House.

As the video continued, the man was seen staring off into the distance as he starts urinating brazenly between the bushes, leaving a puddle of urine in the soil.

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The camera later whips around to confirm that the man was standing in front of the Parliament house, before turning the camera back on him.

By then, the man was done with his, ahem, business and started to walk away from the cameraman as the video ends.

Netizen Response to Man’s Stunt

In general, most felt that the act was not done on purpose as the man captured on film was probably not sober.

Some commented that they were willing to give the man the benefit of a doubt that there were no restrooms available nearby.

“Drunk and (there is) no public toilet around. It’s either (he) let it go inside his pants or outside his pants,” said one user.

But others called out Agarwal for not taking fast action to stop the disrespectful act instead.

“No need to shame people lah. Just tell him off or call the police,” said another user.

Argarwal later clarified that he did not move to the front to capture the man’s face as he did not want to capture the man’s private areas on video, which will lead to the video being banned.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Niraj Agarwal)