Men Caught Peeing at the Same Wall in Jurong East Industrial Building Every Weekend


Some of us are creatures of habit—we tend to seek comfort from being regulars at certain places, like cafés or snack bars…

But a frustrated netizen uncovered an odd habit among some workers who have to answer Nature’s call.

They, too, have become regulars themselves albeit in a weird way.

Footage Shows Different Workers Relieving at Same Spot

On 22 June (Wednesday), a Facebook video uploaded into the group Complaint Singapore shows a group of workers taking turns to relieve themselves.

As if that’s not off-putting enough, the workers would pick a specific lot to do so.

The video shows different workers choosing to urinate at a specific wall located at a parking lot at Enterprise Hub along Toh Guan Road East.

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“Really don’t understand … there is a coffee shop nearby but (the workers) don’t like to urine there,” said the uploader.

It’s unclear why the uploader has camera footage of the acts in the first place.

“Every weekend (the workers) will visit this piece of wall at Toh Guan Road East Enterprise Hub,” concluded the uploader’s post.

Netizen Reactions

The clip of different workers taking turns to relieve themselves at the same wall goes on for a good three minutes.

Netizens wondered along with the uploader why on earth the worker has developed such a habit.

“Perhaps the wall (has) some attraction for guys to pee there?” commented one user.

Others lamented that the wall must stink really badly due to the ‘regulars’ there.

Another user commented that the smell of the wall must be “damn horrible” now.

Urinating in Public is Illegal

If you were wondering whether public urination is an offence in Singapore, the answer is yes.

According to the Environmental Public Health Act (yes it’s a real thing), no person shall urinate or defecate (aka poop) in or upon any street, arcade, vacant land, river, canal, ditch, drain, or watercourse.


Those found guilty can face a maximum fine of S$1,000, and up to S$2,000 and S$5,000 for their subsequent offences.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Pauline WeeWee)