Mercs Driver Allegedly Grabbed SBS Driver’s Phone & Tossed It After He Was Being Honked At


There are so many infuriating things in life that make us want to throw things and release all the pent-up anger and stress. There is nothing wrong with that if you decide to do that in The Fragment Room.  

However, if you are out there in public causing a nuisance by letting your anger issues on someone else, that becomes a major problem.  

Mercs Driver Allegedly Grabbed SBS Driver’s Phone & Tossed It After He Was Being Honked At

Netizen Peter Gwee uploaded a YouTube video which showed a Mercedes driver being honked at by a bus driver as his car was blocking the way as the bus tried to exit the bus stop.

Following this, the man steps out of his car to have a brief verbal argument with the bus captain and moves his car away from the area.  

After that, he decides to stop the car some distance away and then proceeds to walk back to the bus (this was the time I believe he had come up with new ideas on how to get back at the bus driver).

The video then shows him proceeding to activate the emergency door button of the bus and forcing his way onto the bus. Not only does he verbally abuse the bus captain, but he also snatches his phone and throws it on the road very aggressively.  

If you were too dyslexic to process what I have written in the past two paragraphs, here is the video showing the incident that happened around midnight on 31 October 2022 at Flora Road, which is at Loyang:

 While the man was busy causing a commotion down there for something trivial, a lady who seems to be with the man walks into the bus and tries to coax him.

She also proceeds to pick up the phone and return it to the bus driver after her companion throws it on the road.  

Now, my billion-dollar question is how on earth do you manage to tahan such a troublesome and difficult person without feeling the urge to yank out their hair? 

Netizens Call for Harsher Punishments on Mercs Driver 

The man’s actions have resulted in a police complaint being filed against him for verbal abuse and harassment according to Mrs Grace Wu, Vice President (Special Grade), Customer Experience and Communications, SBS Transit in a response to a query from STOMP.  


But of course, when even the slightest issue such as hailstones dropping in Singapore can cause a buzz among Singaporeans, how could such an issue miss the public’s eye?

While some were calling for more fines and a ban on driving, some were suggesting that putting him behind bars could help in fixing his attitude.  

Well, I guess, if you are not afraid of the laws in Singapore, you should be afraid of the public. 

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Featured Image: YouTube (Peter Gwee)