25YO S’porean Killed in Traffic Accident in M’sia Expressway


Thinking of taking a day trip to Malaysia?

Just make sure you drive safe.

Here’s why.

Skidded and Rammed into a Rail

On Friday night, a Singaporean woman was travelling along an expressway in Malaysia.

Nothing out of the blue yet – it’s just another car cruising on the long Malaysian expressways.

However, this is where it suddenly makes a difference: the car skidded and rammed into a guard rail.

Passenger passed at the scene

A passenger in the car, Ms Huang Kaiting, 25, died at the scene of the accident.

The accident had occurred at KM208 of the North-South Expressway at 11:30pm.

Alor Gajah Superintendent Arshad Abu, said that Ms Huang was in the midst of a journey from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur when the accident happened.

The Other Passenger

Fortunately, the other passenger in the car, Mr Kenneth Fong Zeng Yip, 27, was not hurt.

Mr Fong is also Singaporean.

The Driver

The driver of the car, Mr Muhammad Hilmi Abdul Rahim, 28, who is also from Singapore, sustained leg injuries.

The tragic traffic accident is still under investigation.

A series of unfortunate events

Just in the past week alone, this has been the third case of a Singaporean involved in an overseas accident.

On Thursday (3 Nov), an accident involving Singaporeans happened in the Kathu district of Thailand, following the Taiwan Porsche case which happened on Tuesday (1 Nov).

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Here’s how both accidents happened.


The Crash in Kathu, Thailand

The crash, involving two Singaporeans on a motorcycle, happened at a curve in Tambon Kamala.

A red motorcycle and a six-wheel truck had collided.

According to the Thai truck driver, the motorcycle which the Singaporeans were on had lost control at the curve in the opposite lane.

The motorcycle then crashed head-on into his truck.

The 29-year-old Singaporean male rider died at the scene of the accident, while his pillion rider suffered internal bleeding.


The Crash in Taiwan

In this case, a Singaporean man was hit and killed as he was crossing a road in Taiwan.

He was hit by a Porsche.

The crash was so severe that the white Porsche SUV’s bonnet was dented completely out of shape.

While the driver claimed that the Singaporean victim had suddenly “darted” in front of his car, the driver’s breathalyser test showed that his blood alcohol levels exceeded Taiwan’s legal limits.

This was the driver’s third drunk driving incident.

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Featured Image: The Star