Owner Who Accused Mercs Driver of Speeding off With $334.50 of Seafood Now Said It’s an Misunderstanding


Remember when a seafood restaurant owner accused a Mercedes driver of not paying his $334.50 bill?

Turns out that the guy wasn’t lying about being a regular customer who knows the boss.

All because “Mr Jiang” sounded like “Mr Jia” to a new employee. 

Didn’t Pay Bill At Seafood Restaurant

According to Shin Min Daily News, this incident happened on the evening of 19 Sep at Morning Catch Seafood located at New Industrial Road.

Ms Tan, the restaurant owner, said that she was not around when the incident happened and only got to know about it from one of her staff members later on.

The customer allegedly bought three lobsters, nine abalones, nine mantis shrimps, and one flower crab that weighs 1kg.

All of these adds up to $334.50, which the customer told the staff that he would pay Ms Tan directly as the customer said he knew her.

Feeling suspicious, the staff tried to get the customer’s phone number and personal information. However, the customer left in a rush, citing that he needed to be somewhere, and left his name as “Mr Jiang”.

However, the staff, who was new and thus unfamiliar with regular customers, heard it as “Mr Jia” and reported that to Ms Tan. Ms Tan was then not able to find any contact information of any “Mr Jia” on her phone.

Additionally, the only thing that the staff manage to get was a picture of the customer’s vehicle prior to his departure, and the security cameras didn’t manage to capture the customer’s face.

Waited Five Days Before Making Police Report

According to Ms Tan, she waited five days for the customer to return and make payment as she thought that the customer just simply forgot to pay. She also sent a reminder to her regular customers in case it was one of them.

However, as nobody stepped up, the restaurant owner decided to take action and filed a police report in hopes of getting her payment.

She adds that this is the first time such an incident occurred to her and that even though $334.50 may seem like a small amount to some, every dollar still counts for a small business.

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Turned Out To Be a Misunderstanding

After news of this went viral, Mr Jiang saw the photo of his car online and contacted Ms Tan, which was when she realised it was a true misunderstanding.

Mr Jiang has since transferred Ms Tan the full amount, and Ms Tan said she felt apologetic toward Mr Jiang, who must have been angry and sad.

“We do know each other very well. Mr Jiang has been a big supporter since we opened our restaurant, and has been patronising us for at least two years.”


She also acknowledged that this incident could have had a negative impact on Mr Jiang’s reputation, and sincerely apologised for the misunderstanding.

Ms Tan has since closed the case with the police too.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News